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A French company recently introduced a new packaging film processed from ordinary polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials to the market, which can be used to identify whether the packaged food has used genetically modified materials

using this specially treated PVC film for packaging, it can be confirmed that its packaging contents, such as soybean oil, are processed from non GMO soybean raw materials, even for soybean foods containing only 5%-10%. On the one hand, it is mainly used for packaging non GM Soybeans Planted in southern Europe, as a follow-up inspection, it can not be mixed with GM soybeans in the circulation channels and processes

experts and scholars from the national space microbiology discipline said during the investigation that these materials and technologies were produced by Toho Tenax Co., Ltd., a carbon fiber manufacturer of teiren group GH craft Ltd, the R & D Department of composite material structure design of Teijin group, and Teijin frontier co jointly developed and helped private enterprises overcome this technical problem. The company also produced another new packaging film "toriano X", which is a flexible multilayer film based on PVC thin film and has the characteristics of coextrusion film. Although the thickness of this new film is 10 microns, it can withstand the physical effects of food bones or hard fragments, thus saving about 30% of the amount of packaging materials

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