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Promotion and application of new environmentally friendly packaging materials BOPS

in modern society, using new materials to package products has become an important means for enterprises to launch new products, improve product grades, and enhance product market competitiveness. Especially for food packaging materials, in addition to being beneficial to people's health, the voice of protecting the ecological environment from pollution has become higher and higher. The development and application of biaxially oriented polystyrene (BOPS), a new type of macromolecular environmental friendly food packaging material, meets people's needs

With its unique high transparency, high strength, tasteless, low permeability to water and moisture, strong moisture resistance, barrier property, excellent fresh-keeping performance and good electrical performance, BOPS environmental protection packaging materials gradually eliminate PVC and foaming packaging products that are widely used now because of its gorgeous, elegant, light weight, production and recycling, no pollution to the ecological environment and many other advantages. At present, more and more developed countries and regions in the world have legislated to prohibit PVC and foaming products as packaging materials in direct contact with food, thus establishing the legal status of BOPS environmental protection packaging materials used in industrial products, household goods, especially food packaging

as BOPS environmental protection packaging material has been widely recognized and widely used in advanced countries in the world, this environmental protection material is used in the inner packaging of China's exported food and health products, and the use of BOPS environmental protection packaging material in the domestic market is just beginning to short circuit the positive and negative electrodes of electrolytic capacitors. With the deepening of China's economic reform, great changes have taken place in people's material and cultural life. Chinese people have also put forward higher requirements for packaging materials. In addition to being beautiful, practical and cheap, ensuring physical health and protecting the ecological environment from pollution have also become basic requirements. Environmental protection departments of national and local governments and civilians also put the issue of "white pollution" on the agenda. Relevant experts have also carried out research and Discussion on this, so environmental protection has become a topic of general concern in society

Topic 1: many people believe that "degradable" plastic products, "degradable" corn leaf shell products and "degradable" food packaging materials made from rice and flour are the best environmental protection products. However, in practice, people have found that the advantage of "degradability" can easily be transformed into the disadvantage of food packaging. "Degradability" itself is achieved through natural deterioration and denaturation such as weathering, photochemical, mildew and microbial sensitivity, which is precisely the most taboo "food hygiene" problem in food packaging. Thus, the application of "degradable" packaging materials in food packaging is fundamentally denied. Therefore, the plan of the United States and Japan to invest heavily in the development of "degradable" food packaging materials in the 1980s had to be stranded

topic 2: many people also believe that using high-grade paper materials to make food packaging can not only solve the problem of "degradation", but also meet health standards. However, people also found that the production process of paper itself has many links, which not only requires a large amount of wood (China is a country lacking in wood resources), but also the production process of pulp causes great pollution to the ecological environment, which has been strictly controlled by the state for a long time, which itself causes a general weakness that the packaging cost is high and it is difficult to popularize

while we were talking about environmentally friendly packaging materials, we all agreed that the pvcmicro milltm pilot plant and commercial production line being used were built in the rolling plant of Alcoa in San Antonio, Texas, and the foaming tableware brought a series of problems to the environment and human health:

problem 1: harm to people's health and poor quality. The vinyl chloride monomer and additives contained in the PVC foaming tableware materials have a great impact on human health, and are easy to cause cancer, tracheitis and other diseases. The rich oil, salt, vinegar, sauce and other ingredients in food further promote the release of trace toxins

problem 2: causing "white pollution" to the social ecological environment. The chlorine emitted from the waste PVC foaming products during the incineration process after recycling is toxic, causing serious damage to the atmosphere. The foamed materials cannot be reused, and the burial has the characteristics of "unchanged for a hundred years". Thus causing problems in the disposal of waste products

in the above comparison, the other two advantages of the new environmentally friendly material of bidirectional positional polystyrene (BOPS) are shown: PS material can be reused after recycling and can be made into daily necessities; 2. In the process of nuclear incineration of recycled waste, only water and carbon dioxide are produced without any toxic substances. Therefore, BOPS environmental protection packaging material has been approved by the international health organization, and has become a packaging material that can directly contact food through the FDA standard of the United States and the hygiene of Japanese products. In the future, it has become a trend for BOPS environmental friendly packaging materials to be used in food packaging

because BOPS environmental protection packaging materials have broad development prospects, at present, several enterprises in China have been engaged in the production and use of BOPS materials. Nowadays, the price of BOPS environmental protection packaging materials has been lower than that of PVC materials, so it is more conducive to the promotion and application of BOPS environmental protection packaging materials. (Zhu Yongjing)

from China Packaging Yearbook 1999

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