Promoting the optimal allocation of resources is a

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Promoting the optimal allocation of resources is an important goal of the reform of the power system

"Sichuan is uniquely endowed with clean energy such as wind, light, water, natural gas and other natural conditions. The economically exploitable capacity of hydropower is more than 100million kW, which is a natural beauty that no one else can compare. The quality of wind power and photovoltaic power, especially photovoltaic power, is very high, with a scale of tens of thousands of kilowatts." Talking about Sichuan's clean energy resource endowment, Wu Shiyong, deputy general manager of Yalong River Basin Hydropower Co., Ltd., used words such as "natural beauty" and "unique advantages". According to relevant plans, by the end of the 13th five year plan, the proportion of non fossil energy in total energy consumption in Sichuan will reach 37.8%, far higher than the national level of 15% at the end of the 13th five year plan. However, the "natural beauty" has also been "abandoned". In order to solve the bottleneck of the development of Sichuan clean energy industry, the Sichuan clean energy industry alliance, composed of 90 units, was officially established on December 5

on the issue of electricity consumption in Sichuan's clean energy industry, many delegates gave their views. Tanyongxiang, chairman of the alliance and general manager of Sichuan electric power company, said that the establishment of the alliance will help promote the revolution of energy consumption, comprehensively implement clean energy substitution, promote the process of re electrification of industrial production, improve the proportion of electric energy in energy end consumption, and promote the high-quality development of the energy industry. The alliance will also promote the revolution of energy production, accelerate the pace of building a national high-quality clean energy base in Sichuan Province, and create conditions for optimizing the allocation of clean energy in a larger range. The alliance will also promote the energy technology revolution and promote the qualitative improvement of scientific and technological innovation. Finally, the alliance will promote the revolution of the energy system, promote the improvement of the energy market system, enlarge, narrow and click the data corresponding to each point on the observation curve, and play a positive role in building a scientific, fair and efficient power market system in Sichuan Province

Chen Qixin, an advisory member of the alliance and vice president of the energy interconnection Research Institute of Tsinghua University, pointed out that Sichuan is facing the dilemma of insufficient power transmission capacity, the supply and demand structure needs to be optimized, and the main power structure in the province also needs to be improved. Promoting the optimal allocation of resources is an important goal of power system reform. With the improvement of power market trading mechanism, these conditions will be improved. "Taking Sichuan Hydropower as the resource advantage, spot pilot as the mechanism advantage, and regional leaders as the location advantage can promote the optimal allocation of resources in a larger region, and the quota system will promote the export and consumption of clean energy." Chen Qixin said

in Wu Shiyong's view, the development and utilization of new energy should break the traditional separation mode and adopt the development mode of multi energy complementarity, which will eventually promote the development of clean energy with wind, light and water. China has carried out exploration and accumulated some experience in the field of water light complementarity. Light water complementarity is an important measure to promote the high-quality development of clean energy. It plays an important role in building a clean energy demonstration Province in Sichuan Province and has broad development prospects

materials show that among the 90 alliance members, there are Sichuan electric power company, Dongfang Electric Group and Huadian Group Sichuan 2. Output parameters: cycle times or fracture frequency (n); Central enterprises such as the company are located in Sichuan, including provincial key enterprises such as Changhong Electric Appliance Group, Sichuan energy investment group and Sichuan transportation investment group, as well as university energy related research institutions such as Tsinghua Sichuan energy interconnection Research Institute, School of mechanical and electrical engineering, University of Electronic Science and technology of China, new energy and low carbon technology research institute of Sichuan University, and natural gas research center of Southwest Petroleum University, which have extremely broad market prospects, There are also high-tech enterprises such as Sichuan BOE Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Yajun New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd

According to Liu Yi, Secretary General of the alliance and vice president of Tsinghua Sichuan energy interconnection Research Institute, the original "energy circle" mainly "teams up" according to the process of power generation, transmission, distribution and use, and the value chain of energy has been fragmented. From the perspective of energy development, this model can no longer adapt to the current trend of systematic and comprehensive development of energy. Therefore, the members of the alliance cover the whole process of power production and application. Because the energy industry is related to national security and the national economy and people's livelihood, the energy industry has always been relatively conservative, but now people pay more attention to the use of energy, and pay more attention to how to use energy in a more efficient, interconnected and iterative way. Therefore, some energy interconnection Enterprises and information-based enterprises also participate in the alliance to jointly build an energy innovation platform for government, industry, University and research

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