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NPC deputy Yan Ping: transformation and upgrading sustainable management

NPC deputy Yan Ping: transformation and upgrading sustainable management

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Guide: overcome difficulties and create new advantages. In the past year, under the background of moving forward in the micro growth state of the machinery industry, Yuchai has gone out of its own world with its own ideas: the group's sales revenue has stopped falling and rebounded; The engine sector is developing steadily, and the production and sales volume of Yuchai shares continue to be stable

overcome difficulties and create new advantages

in the past year, under the background of moving forward under the micro growth of the machinery industry, Yuchai has gone out of its own world with its own concept:

the group's sales revenue has stopped falling and rebounded; The engine sector is developing steadily, and the production and sales volume of Yuchai continues to rank first in the industry, with its market share continuing to grow; Yuchai United Power ushered in the spring and completed the annual sales target one month in advance; Yuchai lubricating oil has achieved a substantial increase in profits. It is preliminarily proposed that after three industrial revolutions marked by the utilization of steam engines, extensive production, and electronic information technology, it will show the complementary effect of advantages after the joint venture; The steady growth of logistics, automobile trade, energy and chemical industry... In his government work report at the second session of the 12th National People's Congress on March 5, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to place innovation at the core of the overall national development situation, promote the close integration of science and technology with economic and social development, and promote China's industry to leap to the high end of the global value chain

as a leading enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry, how can Yuchai shoulder the heavy responsibility of revitalizing national industry, realize transformation and upgrading, and create new advantages in the new round of entrepreneurship? On March 11, science and technology held a dialogue with Yan Ping, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of the board of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group

we should pay attention to the deep potential of this state to win the market

: in the post crisis era, the equipment manufacturing industry represented by the internal combustion engine industry has not yet got rid of the downward pressure. With the market downturn, emission upgrading and transformation pressure, 2013 is undoubtedly a huge challenge and test for the internal combustion engine industry. As the largest production base of internal combustion engine in China, the development of Yuchai group attracts attention. What was the overall development of Yuchai in the past year

Yan Ping: 2013 is a year for Yuchai to continuously tap its potential, lay a solid foundation for Yuchai to take off again, and also an open year for Yuchai to transform and upgrade. Last year, in the face of fierce industry competition, Yuchai group closely focused on the business policy of "strengthening internal control, refining management, improving efficiency and stabilizing growth", worked together and worked hard. The group achieved a total sales revenue of 42.5 billion yuan in the whole year, an increase of 2.15% year-on-year; Yuchai's product sales continued to rank first in the industry, taking the lead in returning to the annual sales platform of 500000 units. Its market share increased by 1% in 2013, on the basis of a 3% increase in 2012. Its leading edge was further expanded: the good news of cooperative projects was frequent, and many projects such as beiben and medium speed aircraft landed. Good achievements have been made in technology research and development, and it has won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award and other awards. Quality management has gained a lot. At the end of 2013, the three-year quality improvement goal was basically achieved, of which the zero kilometer failure rate improvement project was basically increased by 100%, and the San Bao compensation ratio and quality cost ratio decreased significantly; Yuchai won the "Nomination Award for China Quality Award". In terms of safety management, Yuchai passed the national first level safety production standardization review with high scores

as the main business of Yuchai, the engine sector plays a crucial role in ensuring the stable development of Yuchai. In 2013, although the overall market has heated up, the pressure on Yuchai from the market is increasing day by day. With the switch between the national five gas engine and the national four diesel engine emission standards, mainstream automobile manufacturers have established their own engine plants, the competitive disadvantage of surviving in the cracks of independent engine plants has become more prominent, environmental issues have been further concerned, and energy pressure has further increased, which has a great impact on the emission control technology level of Yuchai engine products Product quality, market development and after-sales service have brought severe challenges. In the face of severe market challenges, Yuchai paid close attention to internal management and external opportunities, and finally submitted a satisfactory answer to the industry at the end of the year. In 2013, the engine sector of Yuchai Group continued to strengthen, with 688000 engines sold throughout the year, a year-on-year increase of 6.28%, further improving Yuchai's voice in the industry. The core subsidiary Yuchai Co., Ltd. returned to the sales platform of 500000 engines, and its market share increased by 1%

as the vitality of enterprises, strengthening technological innovation is one of the magic weapons for Yuchai to win the market. In 2013, Yuchai technology R & D achievements were frequent: in the evaluation of "national recognized enterprise technology center" in 2013, Yuchai jumped to the 20th place, ranking first in the engine industry, up 16 places from 2011; The key technology and industrialization project of energy-saving and environmental friendly diesel engine won the second prize of the 2012 National Science and Technology Progress Award; 6K series diesel engine project won the "second prize of China machinery industry science and technology"; Yuchai academician workstation successfully passed the certification of the first batch of academician workstations in Guangxi; Many new products developed for the target market have been highly recognized by users, which also reflects Yuchai's strong R & D strength; The construction of R & D system is striding towards the goal of "first-class in China and top five in the world"

as an advanced management concept, "lean" concept is one of the promoters of Yuchai's development. Practice has proved that the concept of "lean" has injected endless power of "continuous improvement" into Yuchai people, and found a "connotative growth" road for Yuchai people to reshape their competitiveness when the external market is weak. Yuchai not only applies the "lean" concept to production, but also applies it to management and product research and development to build a lean system and further consolidate lean achievements. Since the introduction of lean manufacturing in 2011, the spark of "lean" concept in Yuchai has gradually become a prairie fire. Yuchai has extended its lean management from production to supply chain, research and development and other fields. It has also introduced lean management experts from famous Japanese manufacturing enterprises to strengthen the top-level design of lean basic management and accelerate the training of lean management reserve talents. The quality of Yuchai products continues to improve

"secondary entrepreneurship" upgrading and transformation

: at present, our national economy has reached a critical stage in which only transformation and upgrading can sustain development. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee pointed out that to comprehensively deepen reform, we must accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, accelerate the construction of an innovative country, and promote more efficient, fair and sustainable economic development. At the same time, the trumpet of the third industrial revolution has made the steep situation faced by China's equipment manufacturing industry more prominent: informatization, new technology revolution, the reform of manufacturing mode, and the serious squeeze challenge of industrial upgrading space. Facing the new development situation, what is Yuchai's overall consideration on the development direction

Yan Ping: the real economy has always been the pillar of the national economy and the competitiveness of the country. A strong equipment manufacturing industry is the foundation of the real economy and the key to transformation and upgrading. Facing the information and new technological revolution, the change of manufacturing mode and the serious squeeze challenge of industrial upgrading space, the equipment manufacturing industry must undertake the important task entrusted by the times and formulate a new round of development strategy and growth mode. As a member of the equipment manufacturing industry, Yuchai shoulders the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the national industry. It is duty bound. It should stand up for the backbone of the national industry, catch up, and achieve transformation and upgrading and create new advantages in the new round of entrepreneurship

in order to undertake the important task entrusted by the times and formulate a new round of development strategy and growth mode, in the second half of 2013, Yuchai group proposed "secondary entrepreneurship", which is a self revolution started by Yuchai, which has hovered at 43billion for three consecutive years and entered the development bottleneck, and will scientifically plan the development blueprint and general strategic outline of Yuchai for long-term stability in the future. One component polyurethane waterproof coating (and one component polyurethane paint), which is currently under hot research, has started the development strategy of "secondary entrepreneurship" since the end of 2013 due to its convenient construction and simple operation. The planned Yuchai industrial new town is not only the carrier and platform of Yuchai's "secondary entrepreneurship", but also an important measure of Yulin Municipal Party committee and municipal government's "strengthening Chai and rejuvenating Yu" strategy in his view. Yuchai industrial new town will take the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry as the main body, and Yuchai industrial supporting facilities as the guide. It is expected to be completed in 2018, and strive to form an annual output value of more than 100billion yuan within the year. The completed industrial new town will become a composite industrial new town with efficient linkage between high-end equipment manufacturing industry and modern service industry, a leading driving area of strategic emerging industries in Guangxi, and a national circular economy demonstration park. It will become an important platform for promoting the scientific development of enterprises, and a strategic fulcrum for Yulin City and even Guangxi to accelerate new industrialization and realize leapfrog development

to realize "secondary entrepreneurship", we should change our ideas. In order to achieve the sustainable development of Yuchai, it is necessary to regard the enterprise as a living organism, pay attention to the healthy development of the enterprise, take on more social and environmental responsibilities, pay attention to the construction of a good industrial ecosystem, and realize symbiotic evolution and sustainable development with upstream and downstream enterprises. In the opening of the "Second Entrepreneurship", we should take the entrepreneurial spirit as the guide, and let the mentality of all achievements in the past return to zero. All Yuchai people should abandon the original concept of manufacturing and development, and use new thinking and advanced preparation to realize the perfect turn of "manufacturing Yuchai"

to realize "secondary entrepreneurship", we should face up to the crisis. With the reorganization and integration of national production capacity, every enterprise will face the risk of survival of the fittest. Engine related industries, such as commercial vehicles, construction machinery, shipbuilding industry, are facing serious overcapacity. Coupled with the continuous improvement of the self owned power of vehicle factories and main engine factories, the market competition will become increasingly fierce, and the living space of Yuchai will continue to be eroded and squeezed. At the same time, we should recognize the gap between Yuchai and multinational enterprises, including the gap in manufacturing level, operation level, management level, quality control and other aspects. We must improve our sense of urgency and mission. In the process of "secondary entrepreneurship", we must integrate the operation mechanism, risk control, investment and financing management and market operation; We should stand higher, look further, have the overall situation in mind, face up to the gap, and strive to achieve another breakthrough in the enterprise and our own career

to realize "secondary entrepreneurship", we should reform and innovate. "Secondary entrepreneurship" also means "secondary revolution". Now, the world is entering the stage of the third industrial revolution. The combination of Internet technology and renewable energy is bound to produce a new economic model that will change the world. In the process of realizing Yuchai's "secondary entrepreneurship", we should take "transformation and upgrading" as the core, change and innovate, break through ourselves, accumulate internal forces in terms of products, financing, management, market, innovation, development, team, culture and other core elements, create new advantages, realize the upgrading of management, technology, quality, brand and industrial chain, and jointly write a new chapter of Yuchai's "secondary entrepreneurship"

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