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NPE 2006: the world's largest plastic industry exhibition in 2006

NPE is the largest and oldest plastic exhibition in the United States, and it is also the world's second largest plastic industry event. Since 1946, it has been held every three years. Up to now, NPE has maintained a steady growth in exhibitors, exhibition area, scale, and the number of visitors

npe2006 will be the largest plastic exhibition in the world in 2006, in which researchers can confirm the influence of humidity on the hydrogen bond interaction between go layers and interlayer spacing. The number of machines on display will exceed that of any other exhibition in the past. 2000 exhibitors will introduce you to new materials, processing machines, equipment and technology, so that you can turn your original products into strong competitiveness. Here, you will be honored to meet many ball industry leaders, engineering experts and industry decision makers. During the five-day exhibition, you will hear information reports from industry leaders, experts and peers from all over the world at various nickel and aluminum powder seminars and academic conferences held at the same time. You will be able to deeply understand the essence of original design and introduce new technologies to promote the growth of the enterprise. New ideas will stimulate the power of product innovation for your enterprise and create market competition

about 90% of NPE exhibitors currently export products and equipment to countries around the world. NPE exhibitors regard this triennial trade event as an excellent opportunity to meet international buyers, make direct sales plans, find agents and distributors, and negotiate cooperation and license agreements

Name: NPE (International Plastics Exhibition)

date: June, 2006

location: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, USA

organizer: American Plastics Industry Association (SPI)

Exhibition Hall size: 93000 square meters (1000000 square feet)

estimated exhibitors: 2000

estimated audience: 75000 buyers of plastic industrial products from all over the world Plastic professionals and buyers, including 11000 from outside the United States

overview of exhibitors:

manufacturer of machinery and auxiliary equipment

manufacturer of plastic resins and additives

mold manufacturer

instrument and automatic equipment company

many other professional manufacturers in the field of plastic manufacturing, marketing and end use

overview of exhibitors: from plastic processing enterprises, other plastic related companies, and all major industries using plastic products, including electrical appliances, automobiles, construction Electrical/electronic, furniture, medical and packaging industries. Participants came from 130 countries around the world, many of whom came from Canada, Europe, Latin America, Mexico, Japan and Southeast Asia. It has been producing experimental machines for more than 10 years. Overview of the organizer: SPI was founded in 1937 and is a trade association representing one of the largest manufacturing industries in the United States. Members of the American Plastics Industry Association cover the entire plastic industry supply chain, including processors, machine and equipment manufacturers, raw material suppliers, mold manufacturers, etc

display content:

products, materials, processing machines, equipment and technology related to plastics

the American Plastics Industry Association and the American Rubber Manufacturing Association (RMA) will jointly organize rubber and plastic product technology exhibition areas and conferences to display the development trends of materials, manufacturing equipment and technology related to the plastic industry, including new technologies such as thermoplastic and artificial rubber

market focus: the U.S. plastic industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the United States and occupies a leading position in the global plastic industry market. The annual output value of shipments exceeds 310billion dollars, and there are 1.4 million on-the-job workers in the U.S. plastic industry

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