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Introduction: on April 29th, 2011, at the grand meeting of Jining City to celebrate the May 1st International Labor Day held on the municipal Shengyuan stage, Wang Jianshe, the leader of the assembly team of the gear train factory of the track chassis division of Shantui Co., Ltd., was with unspeakable joy, Took over the National worker pioneer number awarded by the all China Federation of Trade Unions

on April 29, 2011, at the Jining City celebration of the "May Day" international labor day conference held grandly on the municipal Shengyuan stage, Wang Jianshe, the leader of the first group of gear train factory assembly of the track chassis division of Shantui Co., Ltd., had an indescribably happy loss of more than 50%; Calcium carbide enterprises lost money on a large scale, and received the medal of "National worker pioneer" awarded by the all China Federation of trade unions, which is another honor for the assembly team led by Wang Jianshe after winning the "may day labor certificate" of Shandong national defense machinery and electronics industry system. On the podium, the monitor Wang Jianshe proudly won this golden medal. At this moment, his excitement is overwhelming...

the first gear train factory assembly team of the track chassis division of Shantui Co., Ltd. is a young team with an average age of only 22 years, "for others, for themselves, go all out to serve the market, take safety as the premise, and complete production tasks on time with quality and quantity!" This is a solemn commitment made by the boys of the first gear plant assembly team. "Small is detail, big is quality" is their consistent purpose of work; It is their spirit and belief to be not afraid of hardship and tiredness and to build a "pioneer" team that dares to fight a hard battle. At the assembly site, eight young men wrote the impressive performance of the assembly team of the gear train factory with never falling behind enthusiasm and steady action

gear train factory assembly team 1 of Shantui crawler chassis division

I. innovate the team system to reflect self-management

"if you want to achieve great things, first start from small things, widely collect hundreds of honey, and brew your own strength." In order to improve the team construction and strengthen the team management, the team leader Wang Jianshe led the first assembly team to innovate and improve the team system according to the principle of "not going formalized and being practical to the team". At the work site, they set up a 5S management area, divided the parts to be treated area, and placed the parts to be treated according to their categories; Make the glove placement point, helmet hanging area and operation standard signboard. Among them, the contents of the operation standard responsibility indicator board are updated regularly, including 5S responsibility contents, operation instructions, operation sequence table, equipment maintenance, safety precautions and quality control methods, which truly reflects the management of one board with multiple functions. In particular, the landmark upgrade management they made has won the excellent improvement achievement award and has been vigorously promoted in the company

while grasping production tasks, they pay attention to using learning to improve the level of team construction, constantly innovate, and strengthen the implementation of management documents and technical requirements. In order to strengthen the quality awareness of everyone in the team, they specially designated a quality reflection area. If someone violates the operating procedures, they will stand in the quality reflection area for 5 minutes. This unique practice effectively prevents the occurrence of quality problems and makes the assembly failure rate reach a good result of "0". For the bad behavior of team members, all employees will hold a meeting to discuss, correct them and encourage them to strive to transform to the good. At the assembly site, a personal review on the management board deeply attracted me, "because I had an emergency yesterday and didn't come to work according to the specified time, which made everyone take on an extra part of labor in the work and made everyone tired. For this, I bow here and say sorry... I accept criticism!" The real words and plain language made me feel the self-examination consciousness and consciousness of all the members of the assembly team 1. It is often said that the system is invisible, but the system of the assembly team is just the opposite. It is visible, touchable, more physical. 1. It will get its service life

second, the quality should be improved, and the participation of all staff is the most critical

"everything is for quality. Quality is the destiny of enterprise development. Take scientific and technological cooperation as the priority field of cooperation!" The first assembly team not only said so, but also did so. In order to improve labor production efficiency, reduce costs and meet market demand, monitor Wang Jianshe encouraged all members of the team to participate in QC quality improvement activities, such as the improvement of pc130 supporting wheel repair tooling, the design of landmark foundation management, the reconstruction and utilization of underground warehouses, etc., which can be described as fruitful. In the initial assembly line, when repairing the wheel body, the team members need to move a 75 Jin unqualified wheel body to the ground steel plate and move it back and forth for three times, which is quite labor-intensive. In addition, due to the insufficient process capacity of the running in machine, it is easy to cause a large number of wheel bodies to be overstocked, which seriously affects the assembly efficiency. Seeing this situation, the team members gathered their wisdom and designed the lifting leak detection equipment with 360 degree rotating hanger, added the running in machine and circulation line, and the clever team leader also picked up the abandoned "circular turntable" from the garbage pile on site, and designed the hand-held lead screw. After some efforts, the assembly line was changed from the original manual handling to the automatic lifting system, and from the ground operation to the establishment of a repair platform, The original pure manual operation has been changed to borrow convenient auxiliary tools, and the low flow rate has been changed to high flow rate. This series of improvements has increased the wheel body from being repaired every 6 minutes to being repaired every 3 minutes; The circulation of the wheel body on the assembly line increased by 20%, from 60/h to 72/h; The total number of finished products increased from 450 to 550. When it comes to improving the efficiency of the assembly line, the youngest guy in the team proudly said, "it's much easier to work now than before." This nearly perfect improvement measure won the first prize of the national machinery industry excellent quality management group activity

according to statistics, in recent years, the team led by Wang Jianshe has actively participated in more than 100 QC quality improvement and minor reform activities, creating a value of nearly 10 million yuan, saving production costs for the company

third, achievements condense sweat, and honor inspires the team

the first gear train factory assembly team not only undertakes all the assembly tasks of the 20t roller pushed by Komatsu, but also is responsible for the assembly of supporting products of many domestic main engine manufacturers. The average daily output of assemblies reaches more than 1200 at high production. In order to meet the urgent needs of host users, they must work late, working more than 14 hours a day. It is common to enter the house at twoorthree in the evening. Because the nature of work belongs to going out early and returning late, the boys bring their own electric cars. They ride electric cars to work every day, and if they don't, they take taxis at their own expense, and they never complain. "Our iron team works in black and white, just like a machine. It will never stop rotating without pressing the off button..." when saying this, the monitor Wang Jianshe shed bitter tears. Over the years, their actions have been consistent, and there will be no less overtime, because they understand that if a person asks for leave, others will undertake more work! It is this spirit of "twisting into a rope" that makes this team be rated as the advanced team of Shantui Co., Ltd. for seven consecutive years, and has won the gold award of 5S red flag team of gear train factory and the first prize of the activity achievement of national excellent quality management team of machinery industry for four consecutive years. The team leader Wang Jianshe has also won the honorary title of "star employee" whose monthly production of Shantui bulldozer has exceeded 1000 sets. Under the aura of honor, the boys of the first assembly group are even more unbearable and backward. They work harder and harder. In their words, "don't learn from a magpie's mouth, learn from a bee's picking flowers! Example is not shouted, but done!"

IV. peaches and plums are self-evident, and the next is a strange thing

the first assembly team is a passionate and enterprising team, and is the company's famous "Star team". In view of the effective team management and outstanding achievements, other teams and groups came to follow suit. Their self-made tooling account, rectification reminder, problem point promotion form and other file management methods have been effectively promoted, especially the "smiling and hammering test" method to verify whether the wheel body is oiled has been extended to all teams and groups of the company. "If you want to do well, you must sharpen your tools first." Equipment is the basis and guarantee of all work. Other teams and groups follow the method of the first assembly team, post the responsibility form and safety operation procedures, timely fill in the equipment self inspection record form and equipment warranty form, pay attention to the hidden dangers of equipment, and effectively achieve the safe and standardized operation

in the face of the new contents obtained, the original furniture mechanics experiment standard was optimized and the outstanding achievements were clarified. The first assembly class was never complacent. They always started from scratch, started from the details, did not hesitate or prevaricate in case of trouble, and continued to write a new chapter of dressing and matching the first class with pride. "Our first assembly team completed more than 300000 wheel bodies in 2010, successfully exceeding the targets set by the company." At the end of the interview, monitor Wang Jianshe firmly said, "in 2011, we will take 'meeting every customer and ensuring every order' as the main line of the team, and contribute our wisdom and strength to achieve the 20billion goal of Shantui this year."

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