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Four stores including Xiamen paint store were blocked by stones and their doors were welded to death

four stores including Xiamen paint store were blocked by stones and their doors were welded to death

. Recently, the owner of one of the stores reported to him that he could not even enter the store because the store door was blocked by stones and welded to death. It is estimated that the goods in the store have expired and deteriorated, and tens of thousands of yuan have been lost in a few months. On the afternoon of August 17, it was seen at the scene that the doors of four stores were piled with rubble, and the middle two stores had piled the rubble to both sides by themselves to sort out an access channel. There are two houses on the edge. The stones have been piled up in front of the iron gate. There is no way to start

Mr. Shao runs a paint shop. He sees about 1m high riprap next to the shop door, and there are burning marks on the door handle. According to Mr. Shao, in addition to piling stones to seal the shop door, the iron door was also welded to death, and he could not enter the shop at all. The paint shop has been closed for more than three months. "300 joints of the same type have been closed on each floor of the shop door as a batch for these months, resulting in a loss of 30000 or 40000 yuan." Mr. Shao estimated

Mr. Zheng, the owner of the lighting store next door, told us that the exact time to seal the store was at more than 11 p.m. on April 24. At that time, he was making tea in the shop across the road. Suddenly, several agricultural vehicles loaded with stones came to his shop. Then, the driver unloaded the stones at his shop. The next few shops were not spared. "About six carts of rocks fell." Mr. Zheng said

the property right of the store changed

the two sides had different opinions

the store door was blocked overnight. What is the matter? The shopkeeper believed that the riprap closure of the store was related to the change of owner of the store, and the new landlord asked the store owner to move out within a time limit. It was learned from many shopkeepers that the former landlord's stores had been auctioned because of economic problems. Now, the property rights have been owned by Xiangtou. However, Mr. Shao, the owner of the paint shop, said that the contract signed with the original landlord such as the sealing ring and the plug two years ago had a lease term of 19 years. Mr. Zheng, the owner of the lighting store, also said that he had signed a 20-year lease contract with the original landlord, and it was still a long time before the contract expired. "The three parties (the original landlord, the shopkeeper and Xiang TOU) negotiated, but the relocation compensation price has been negotiated improperly." The shopkeeper said that even if the negotiation was not proper, they could not take such a bad way to interfere with their business

subsequently, a staff member of Xiang tou was contacted. The other party made it clear that it was not their job to seal the store with stones. However, they have been asking the store owners to move out as soon as possible. According to reports, in February last year, Xiangtou invested more than 20 million yuan to buy the land of the former Huafeng flour factory. "The store has expired for two years, but the store owners do not move out.". He said that the company has negotiated with the store owners for many times, and the price has not been agreed. They are also very helpless. "The store claimed that the previous contract lease term was 19 years or 20 years. The company asked them to provide a lease contract, but they did not have a lease contract. The company has obtained an unprecedented production capacity of automotive composite materials in an innovative way, and there is no evidence to pay the rent." The staff member said that he had entrusted a lawyer and would handle the matter through legal channels

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