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Xiangwenbo: innovation is "forced" innovation has made Sany

Xiang Wenbo: innovation is "forced" innovation has made Sany

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on September 24, the 2016 Pujiang Innovation Forum plenary meeting was held in Shanghai Dongjiao hotel. Xiangwenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the meeting. Taking Sany's innovation practice as an example, he introduced it from different perspectives, such as concept innovation, technology innovation, management innovation, service innovation, etc

the importance of innovation is self-evident. Xiangwenbo believes that innovation is indispensable for a person or an organization to succeed. Especially for enterprises, innovation activities always run through the whole process of enterprise management. Without innovation, it can not survive

"the innovation of ideas has broken the shackles of our thoughts." Xiangwenbo recalled that when Sany first entered the industry, the common practice in the industry was to introduce technology from abroad. However, Sany was not satisfied with the simple introduction. Instead, it conducted global procurement from a global perspective, organized its own production factors, and transformed foreign technology into localized domestic technology, with the goal of creating world-class products

Xiang Wenbo took the boom of the pump truck as an example and said that at that time, the Chinese people were unable to produce boom frames over 37 meters and had to rely on imports. Sany focuses on localization and imports steel and welding rods from abroad to solve the problem that domestic steel and welding rods do not meet the standard and affect the production of boom. Soon, Sany built the first domestic boom. The price of one set is only 300000 yuan, while the price of imported products is 1.3 million yuan, which is equivalent to bringing a profit of 1million yuan to Sany every time a pump truck is sold! "Without this innovation, we are just porters in the global industrial chain. We buy other people's things, assemble them, and ship them to customers. We may only earn logistics profits." Xiangwenbo said with emotion

speaking of technological innovation, xiangwenbo is quite proud. He said, "so far, Sany is most proud of our technological innovation. We have always led the trend of Technological Development in the entire construction machinery industry." He always believes that the value of technology lies in creating competitive products. No matter how the Internet and IOT develop, product competitiveness is crucial to a traditional industry

at present, China's construction machinery industry is the closest to the world level. For the reasons, xiangwenbo said, "the most difficult construction projects in human history are all in China. In order to meet the needs of the development of China's construction industry, we have only one way, that is innovation."

Xiang Wenbo revealed that over the years, Sany's investment in R & D has never been limited by the enterprise budget. It can be said that for simplicity, Sany spends as much as it needs. Sany takes R & D as its core competence and attributes the development of the enterprise to innovation

for management innovation, xiangwenbo introduced the breakfast meeting system of Sany to the guests present. At 7:30 every morning, all the executives of Sany will sit around before the video conference and have breakfast together. At the breakfast meeting, they will schedule the work of the day. "For an enterprise like Sany group, which ranks 200 among China's top 500 enterprises, our chairman is still mobilizing services and marketing. How can we achieve this? It is the breakfast meeting system." Xiangwenbo said

in terms of service innovation, Sany's service standard can be said to have always led the development direction of the whole industry

"service is very important to the success of this industry." Xiangwenbo explained that whether it is the construction of high-rise buildings, highways or high-speed railways, there are not too many construction equipment. Although there are only hundreds of thousands of equipment, the loss of delaying a day may be hundreds of thousands. Do you think the service is not important? The service conditions of construction machinery are very bad. No bad construction machinery exists at all. What can we do to make up for it? Xiangwenbo said that we can only rely on service

the maintenance process of imported equipment is complex and the cycle is too long. Many customers are disturbed by it. Sany saw this consumption pain point. Therefore, as soon as it entered the construction machinery industry, Sany introduced the mechanism of nursing patients in the hospital. First level nursing and special level nursing classified the equipment and formulated service plans. "It can be said that up to today, service is still part of our report: the sharp weapon of competition. Many customers choose Sany. On the one hand, it is the product quality, and more importantly, it is the recognition of service." It can be seen from Xiang Wen that rigid PVC foamed plastic products are widely used in many fields and the market demand is huge. It is these innovations that have made today's Sany

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