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Another 220000 volt submarine cable will be added to Xiamen island power supply to improve the reliability of power supply in the island, another 220000 volt submarine cable will be added to the 220000 volt cross sea power artery entering Xiamen Island. A few days ago, the feasibility study report on the expansion project of the first channel of 220000 volt Xiamen power into the island has passed the review of Fujian provincial company. If it goes smoothly, the project is expected to be completed as soon as the summer of 2009

it is understood that Xiamen power is one of the main load centers along the coast of Fujian Province, and the power on the island is the top priority area of Xiamen power. At present, Xiamen island power is supplied by five 220 kV lines from three power channels into the island, of which the second and third channels are dual circuit overhead lines for cross sea power supply, and the first channel is single circuit submarine cable for power supply. Among the three channels, four circuits (the second and third channels) are led from Haicang in the west, and only one circuit (the first power channel into the island) is led from the north. The submarine cable and land cable of the circuit (75 ± 5) mm from the front surface of the cable sample were constructed earlier. With the development and construction of the eastern part of the island and the increasing requirements for the reliability of power supply in the island, the power supply "bottleneck" of the existing first power channel into the island has become more prominent. Therefore, the expansion and reconstruction of the first channel is to improve the power supply capacity of the northern part of Xiamen to the island, meet the load development of Xiamen Island, and ensure the safe power supply of the urban center to avoid the printing wear

according to the plan, the expansion project of the first channel of Xiamen power into the island adopts the mixed single return power transmission line of "new 220000 volt overhead line, submarine cable and land cable", with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan. The plan starts from the 220000 volt jimeiyingchun substation under construction and ends at the 220000 volt Weili substation under construction in Xiamen Island. The total length of the line is 22.08 km, which is divided into three parts: the off island part, the submarine cable part and the on island part. Among them, the submarine cable line crossing the sea area from Jimei to Xiamen Island starts from Jimei cable terminal station and ends at the proposed cable terminal station on the new roundabout road in Xiamen Island. Such as the completion of the soft PVC project, the 220000 volt first power channel into Xiamen Island will realize double circuit power supply, which plays an important role in improving the power supply capacity in the north of Xiamen Island and the power supply reliability of Xiamen Island

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