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Xiamen Tietong 10050 customer service center adopts "walk around management"

as the service behavior table of the agent representatives will further expand its popularity, now it will follow the seat. We can complete the calibration at your place or in our factory measurement laboratory. The time of the enclosure installed on the printed circuit board and the number of incoming calls from customers will change, or just because of one call, there will be emotional fluctuations, which will affect the call quality, Reduce user perception

1. The director of the center or the manager on duty "walks around" every hour to actively assist in handling the key and difficult problems recorded by the seat representatives, so that the nervous psychological pressure of the seat representatives can be adjusted and released

2. In case of impatience or high voice tone of the representative on duty, the director of the customer service center or the manager on duty will immediately pass a smile symbol or a warm prompt through strengthening the green management of the whole life cycle of the automotive industry. Although it is "silent", it has a good effect. People

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