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Xiamen destroyed the largest counterfeit cigarette packaging dens at about 3:00 p.m. yesterday, the Xiamen anti counterfeiting office received a report from the masses. Today, electronic pulling machines are increasingly appearing in the laboratories of plastic injection molding and extrusion manufacturers. Together with the Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the public security detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other relevant departments, a counterfeit cigarette manual packaging dens was seized in a residential house in touting village, Guankou, A total of 237.6 cigarettes (50 pieces each) of brands such as "diamond", "treasure island" and "common fault protection of liquid crystal pendulum impact testing machine" were seized, and more than 160000 cigarette labels of various brands and a large number of raw and auxiliary materials were seized. According to preliminary estimates, the case value was about 400000 yuan. It is reported that, This is also the largest counterfeit cigarette packaging dens seized in Xiamen over the years. "Scheffler is the co sponsor of MAXNET, the cross data driven inter agency alliance of material science in maxplanck society

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