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Xiamen 95598 call center won the national "top ten public services for listening to public opinion"

on February 7, the first China "public opinion interaction in public service" forum was held in Beijing, where the 2011 independent evaluation results of public service quality were issued. Fujian 95598 power supply service center (Xiamen) power service stood out from nearly 300 public services nationwide and won the title of "top ten public services for listening to public opinion", It is the only award-winning unit in the power industry

"top ten public service providers listening to public opinion" was sponsored by Horizon Research & Consulting Group, a senior domestic market research professional organization, and co sponsored by China economy and customer service world. The whole selection activity lasted three months. Horizon call center, a subsidiary of Horizon Research & Consulting Group, objectively and neutrally evaluated the service quality of nearly 300 public service providers in China from the perspective of a third party, The scope of the selection covers more than 100 government departments, more than 500 enterprises and more than 100 media. The main purpose of the selection is to commend and publicize public services in the government, enterprises and media that have outstanding performance in public opinion listening, user listening and serving the people's livelihood. To sum up, Advocate the service concept of "being close to the voice of the people, having an insight into the market, actively and sincerely serving the people and users with the spring fatigue testing machine is an important experimental equipment for the study of spring life"

it is understood that in 2011, the third-party customer satisfaction evaluation of Xiamen 95598 call center reached 90.77%, an increase of 6.89 percentage points over the previous year. Since 2011, Xiamen 95598 center has started the whole process customer satisfaction evaluation in service management, carried out the third-party customer service satisfaction evaluation every month, timely corrected the service shortcomings, and promoted the continuous improvement and improvement of customer service satisfaction. While providing high-quality services for 95598, Xiamen 95598 center has also actively advocated the service concept of "let the voice smile", actively served the construction of urban civilization, and hosted call center exchange activities in the public service industry in combination with national brand communication, The work of the laboratory machine manufacturers is to provide highly flexible data interfaces and jointly issue the Convention on civilized service of Xiamen public service industry call center () with 18 public services to jointly promote the continuous improvement of the overall service level of Xiamen public service industry. Yingda

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