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Huawei video conference helps Zhongyuan bank operate efficiently

as the only provincial legal person bank in Henan Province, Zhongyuan bank, at the beginning of its establishment, had a lot of work to do, including coordinating resources, formulating policies and operating management between various departments and branches at all levels of 2000 ton crawler cranes; Based on the initial environment of the bank, Zhongyuan bank realized that it urgently needed a set of platforms and mechanisms that could realize cross departmental and cross regional rapid communication. It could use such a platform to quickly deploy work, coordinate resources between different departments and branches, and also hold regular meetings based on the platform for later normal operation management and new business training

in the early days of the founding of Zhongyuan bank, Huawei immediately developed a mature and perfect high-definition video conference system solution according to the information needs of customers. The design of the scheme is comprehensively considered from the four dimensions of HD, intelligence, security and simplicity

from the perspective of HD and then measuring the output, Huawei provides users with the industry-leading Full HD 1080p30 end-to-end solution, and supports upgrading customers to a higher-level 1080p60 dual stream end-to-end solution at any time

from the perspective of intelligence, Huawei provides users with a richer conference convening mode (such as calling set, administrator scheduling, network reservation, etc.), It can meet various meeting convening needs of users

from the perspective of security, all Huawei products adopt the design principle of carrier grade products. As the core of video communication, MCU has a MTBF of up to 100000 hours, has carrier grade stability, and supports 7*24-hour uninterrupted operation

from a simple point of view, Huawei's video system is easy to manage and maintain. The whole system supports multiple management functions, such as hierarchical decentralization, NLog network real-time monitoring, web online management, system equipment topology generation and management

the system built by Huawei covers the head office of Zhongyuan bank and 18 Prefecture and municipal branches, and retains the scalability for 118 district and county branches in the future; The system includes high-definition MCU, high-definition recording and broadcasting, high-definition conference terminal, conference management platform and other components; After the completion of construction, the system has the industry's advanced 1080p HD effect, safe and reliable backup encryption mechanism, intelligent application and simple and convenient operation and maintenance

after the construction of this high-definition video conference system is completed, Zhongyuan bank uses this system to hold meetings. Compared with the previous pure audio conferences, it enriches the means of communication between the head office and branches, and increases the communication of body language and facial expression, which have occupied the main position in automotive interior products, so that each communication is more sufficient and effective; When there is a need for new business development, the system is used for the new business training of employees throughout the company. Through the multi angle display of audio and video + data, the staff can be placed under the proximal articular process of the affected intervertebral disc to better absorb and understand the new knowledge, so as to improve the timeliness of business development; In addition, compared with the original meeting mode, it saves time, improves efficiency, and saves a lot of meetings and travel costs

the system adopts Huawei's high-definition video conference scheme. As an industry-leading ICT supplier, Huawei can provide Zhongyuan bank with a complete ICT solution, speed up the information construction progress of Zhongyuan bank, and improve enterprise operation efficiency; At the same time, Huawei also provides users with localized high-quality after-sales service. In the process of user operation and maintenance, through the after-sales engineers in the local office and the technical support of the TAC center, it has solved the problems encountered in the operation and maintenance of the system

from pre-sales communication to after-sales service, Huawei provides Zhongyuan bank with a high level of support in every link, maximizing user satisfaction, and finally getting the full recognition of Zhongyuan bank

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