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Huawei won frost Sullivan's "modular UPS company of the year award"

[France, Paris, November 10, 2016] recently, frost Sullivan held a grand award dinner in Paris and officially presented the modular UPS company of the year award to China, in recognition of Huawei's product innovation, industry leadership in the field of modular UPS, and its outstanding contribution to the long-term sustainable development of the industry. This is Huawei UPS's second industry award in this field after winning the DCI it platinum medal in Germany this year

Fang Liangzhou, vice president of Huawei network energy, attended the frost Sullivan awards ceremony in Paris for measuring power. As the top award in the field of ICT energy, the frost Sullivan Award recognizes the outstanding performance and contributions of enterprises in leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. Huawei won this honor again, marking that Huawei's new generation of data center energy infrastructure solutions have been widely used in the industry, and have also been widely recognized by the whole industry

Gautham gnanajothi, a senior analyst at frost Sullivan, pointed out that Huawei's visionary innovation and excellent technology have made it a leader in the modular UPS industry. Its strong R & D strength and rich product patents constitute its unique advantages in the market. Frost Sullivan consulting company firmly believes that Huawei's groundbreaking modular UPS system is a great blessing for end users. The solution of automatically obtaining the tensile strength, maximum breaking force and other indicators of the style has determined many pain points in the data center industry. According to frost Sullivan market research, Huawei's modular UPS ranked first in the world in sales in 2015. The combination of Huawei's excellent professional technology, high focus and wholehearted investment makes it produce industry-leading modular UPS products. Based on its strong comprehensive market performance, Huawei was awarded frost Sullivan 2016 best company award for modular ups

Fang Liangzhou said at the award ceremony that modular UPS products are naturally born for data centers. Its energy-efficient and easy to expand and maintain features best match the needs of data centers in the cloud era. In the field of data center, the industry mainly focuses on improving energy efficiency. At the same time, it should also be able to flexibly respond to the needs of the rapid development of data center business. The main driving forces of UPS products are rising energy costs, environmental restrictions and power density. Further research will improve the degree of a series of new graphene functional materials with better performance. Therefore, Huawei launched a new ups5000-s product this year, with a maximum efficiency of 97.5%. Another challenge is to solve the problem of scalability and flexibility for data center users. Manufacturers must produce UPS products that can be expanded with business growth. In view of the high demand, high growth and fierce competition for modular UPS products, UPS manufacturers must continue to innovate in technology and provide advanced modular architecture to further improve flexibility and reliability. Huawei has long focused on the investment and research of modular ups. At present, it has deployed four UPS R & D centers around the world, has more than 300 UPS R & D engineers, and has obtained more than 100 UPS patents

Huawei network energy product line integrates communication and electronic power technology, and continues to promote the progress and innovation of network energy industry. In the field of UPS, the most advanced topology architecture is used to ensure that the products are efficient and reliable. After years of continuous innovation, Huawei network energy integrates digital information technology, IOT technology, and network communication technology, mainly power lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors. It has formed an end-to-end solution providing capability in data centers, UPS, communication energy, intelligent photovoltaic power stations and other fields, and launched a number of products, which have been widely praised by the industry. At the same time, facing the rapid development of information technology following or even exceeding Moore's law, the development of data center infrastructure lags far behind the development of IT technology. How to seek breakthroughs requires cross-border technology integration. Huawei has a deep accumulation in the ICT field, and has the confidence and ability to continue to promote the development of data center infrastructure

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