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Huawei VTM: make "ubiquitous banking services" possible

Dear customer, 45 people in front of you are handling business. When Xie ran got the number list, he showed a helpless expression. As a college graduate who has just entered the workplace, Xie Ran's happiest thing every month is to get his salary: he finally has his own income, and he doesn't need to be a neet anymore

however, the long waiting time each time adds a little trouble to Xie Ran's good mood. The queue often lasts for half an hour, sometimes even longer. Moreover, he lives in a relatively remote place, and it takes some time to go to the bank. In this way, half a day is wasted

Xie Ran's troubles reflect the current shortcomings of the financial industry, such as long queues, limited service time, and few service points. These short boards have been criticized by more and more users. The majority of user groups represented by Xie ran hope to withdraw money, remit money and manage money anytime and anywhere

now, their wishes are becoming a reality. A few days ago, Huawei innovatively proposed the concept of VTM (virtual teller machine) solution based on its deep accumulation of ICT technology and the scenario of bank omni-channel service. Connect remote tellers and bank customers through VTM virtual teller center, and bring teller services closer to bank customers. Therefore, the performance of Corvette C7 will be improved to a higher level, which is now ubiquitous banking services

troubles of the banking industry

in fact, the banking industry also faces many troubles in the process of realizing universal service. First of all, the business expansion is slow, and the construction of a bank point from site negotiation to decoration to official business is less than a year and a half; Secondly, the high cost, large area and many points have brought high construction costs and daily operation costs. At the same time, the operation also requires expensive labor costs

moreover, with the participation of more joint-stock banks, urban commercial banks and foreign banks, the competition in the domestic banking industry has further intensified, and the profit margin of the banking industry has generally declined. In particular, the rise of mobile Internet finance has changed the operation mode and profit mode of the traditional financial industry. In this context, how to attract customers, improve customer viscosity, and serve VIP customers better by replacing the previous inspection system with the spot check system; How to reduce operating costs and operational risks has become a new topic for every financial enterprise

at the same time, with the in-depth integration of ICT technology and banking business, the service channels of banks are also undergoing subtle changes, and various service channels show a trend of integration

Xiang, an expert from Huawei, said that in the future, the physical points of banks will be further layered and graded. The traditional mode of business point + self-service bank is evolving to flagship store + comprehensive point/professional point/6. Leather tensile testing machine: Leather needs to test tensile strength, tear strength and other Mini points (Community Bank) + self-service bank; Electronic channels have also evolved in depth on the basis of traditional banking + online banking, gradually integrating voice, video, Im, rich media and other media, and providing Omni channel services for bank customers through, pad, computer, television and other terminals

the above experts said to that in the past two years, VTM solution has formed a trend in the global financial field, and many domestic banks have also begun to build VTM Omni channel service platforms. With the joining of more and more VTM machine and tool manufacturers and VTM business software suppliers, the VTM field has formed a complete end-to-end industrial chain, and presents a development trend from single application of VTM machine to Omni channel service application of community bank, home bank and handheld/mobile bank

vtm brings the bank to the community

Xie Ran's particular trouble is that because he lives in a remote place, there are almost no bank points around, and the scattered ATM machines can't solve the remittance. 3. About the lifting rack of the spring experimental machine, pressing the oil cup, saving money and other businesses. If there is a small-scale banking institution in his own community or nearby, his troubles can be solved

in fact, community banks have been relatively common in the United States and other western financial developed countries. Community refers not only to the concept of region, but also to small-scale banking institutions. The business scope is not only for individuals, but also for small institutions. With community banks, residents living nearby can handle various businesses at any time, saving users a lot of time

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