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Huawei won six awards of cloud computing open source industry alliance

Huawei won six awards of cloud computing open source industry alliance

China, Beijing, April 20, 2017] on April, 2017, the global cloud computing open source conference guided by the Ministry of industry and information technology, hosted by the China Academy of information and communications, and hosted by the cloud computing open source industry alliance (Oscar) was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. At this conference, Huawei won six awards, including Oscar open source outstanding influence enterprise, Oscar peak open source technology award, Oscar open source technology can't freely reduce the new available tensile force (n) or tensile strength (MPA) expression when creating oil recovery, and Oscar peak open source figure, with its positive contribution to the international open source community, which reflects the high recognition of the cloud computing industry for Huawei's promotion of open source technology development

with years of deep cultivation, Huawei won the only Oscar open source outstanding influential enterprise award. In recent years, Huawei has continued to invest heavily in the open source field. It is the only openstack platinum member in China, has contributed to the first Apache top-level project of a Chinese enterprise, and is the only CNCF platinum member in China. Huawei has established a wide global influence in openstack foundation, Apache foundation, OCI, CNCF and other open source communities, and has become the main promoter of global open source community technology, one of the laggards in the use of technology

at the same time, Huawei's openstack based enterprise cloud platform fusionsphere won the Oscar open source technology innovation award. Fusionsphere is a cloud operating system launched by Huawei for multi industry customers. It is developed based on openstack architecture and designed and optimized for enterprise users. Fusionsphere can support private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and other deployment methods. Especially in the public cloud, it has attracted many heavyweight customers in automobile manufacturing, scientific research, retail and other industries. In addition, Huawei has four open source projects that have won Oscar peak open source technology awards. We are entering the era of intelligence and digitalization, namely openstack cascade project, distributed SDN project, carbondata and opensds. Among them, the project leader of carbondata has also won Oscar peak open source character award

Huawei has made outstanding contributions to the code of major open source communities in cloud computing. So far, it has ranked first in the world in openstack community, fourth in kubernetes of CNCF community, third in OCI community, first in opnfv community and third in Hadoop community. Based on the advantages of these open source technologies, Huawei has formed a full range of enterprise level products from storage, computing, networking, cloud platforms to big data platforms. Huawei cloud computing services 130 countries and regions around the world, covering government and public utilities, operators, energy, finance and other industries, and has achieved a successful transformation from open source technology ecosystem to business ecosystem. For open source technology, Huawei will continue to adhere to the strategy of "source from open source, stronger than open source, and feedback to open source", so as to promote the benign development of the entire open source industry

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