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Huawei white paper: Espace VTM remote banking solution

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with the application of big data, cloud computing and multimedia technology in various business processes of banks, banks will move from reinforced concrete mode to future banks with ICT technology as the core support. If the stress resistance strength of the test can reach the safe stress resistance standard; At the same time, Internet enterprises and commercial enterprises relying on a large customer base have also entered the financial industry, forming a new financial force. ICT technology has never played a decisive role in the business of banks like today

in September, 2011, Huawei innovatively launched the VTM remote banking solution at the international finance exhibition in Beijing, China. Apply Huawei's full set of high-definition video, remote collaboration, business push, routing and queuing technologies to provide VTM communication solutions for remote banking applications and realize remote counter services. Remote tellers provide face-to-face services to customers through high-definition video and collaborative technology to comprehensively improve the customer service experience

today, Huawei continues to invest in innovation and promote the development of VTM remote banking solutions for banks to remote service centers with multiple channels, so that VTM access terminals are no longer limited to VTM machines and tools, but are extended to all interactions between banks and customers. Therefore, it transforms high-power screens, realizes unified service solutions for multi screen videos such as, pad, PC, smart TV, etc. (3) technology is disconnected from production, and constructs a unified remote service center, Make banking services closer to customers' personalized channels and realize ubiquitous banking services

vtm solution features

vtm (virtual teller machine): access terminal

vtc (virtual teller Center): teller center

vta (virtual teller agent): virtual teller

channel integration

multi media

remote teller can provide remote services to customers through voice 8, after tightening the sample, video, collaboration (document push, page sharing, etc.) and other media, with good customer perception

multi terminal

support customers to establish audio and video cooperative communication with the background through different types of terminals (such as VTM, PC, ultrabook, pad, secret box, etc.) and enjoy remote counter services

multi channel

can provide customers with remote face-to-face services through various service channels such as physical points of the bank, self-service areas, banks and banks


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