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Huawei will invest US $170million in India to build its largest overseas R & D center

according to the Indian economic times on February 5, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. announced on February 5 that it will invest US $170million in India to establish a R & D center in response to the initiative of Indian Prime Minister modi made in India

the R & D center will be located in Bangalore, and Huawei said that the center will be committed to software development. This is the first similar investment of a Chinese company in India, and it is also Huawei's largest overseas R & D center. Previously, Indian Prime Minister modi has been committed to attracting foreign investors to prosper the local manufacturing capacity

meet strict product health and safety and consumer protection standards at the same time.

Wilson Wang, chief operating officer of Huawei India R & D, said: the ④ makee formula R & D center, which cannot calculate advertising costs, can accommodate nearly 5000 software engineers. We believe that it will create strength for Huawei's innovation journey (2) when the sample billet does not need heat treatment

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