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Huawei: a reliable next-generation Financial Customer Service Center

with the development of Internet, mobile communication, video and collaboration technology, as well as the strengthening of financial supervision, most of the existing financial customer service center platforms cannot meet the new needs

first, the efficiency of problem and fault location is low, and the bottleneck of platform performance can not be effectively solved now that valves have been used in various industries

second, the existing system architecture mostly adopts the chimney construction mode, which brings fragmented multi-channel customer service, discontinuous and inconsistent customer experience

third, each component of the system has its own independent management system, which increases the cost of financial customer management and reduces the efficiency

in view of the new changes and new situations, the selection of the next generation customer service center needs to consider the following factors:

a stable end-to-end contact center platform

the next generation customer service center must be able to provide an end-to-end overall solution, support smooth capacity expansion, realize the use of an efficient platform integrating inbound and outbound calls, and ensure high stability and low call loss rate in the environment of large traffic, Smooth handling of surge calls during peak traffic periods. Facing the practical application environment of financial business, the next generation customer service center must support multi center disaster recovery and other security and stability mechanisms to ensure reliable business

multimedia integration ability

with the development of mobile Internet and social media, more and more users are accustomed to using new media and new interactive channels to communicate with enterprises. This requires the next generation customer service center to achieve unified queuing and routing of multimedia channels, and support all media integration and cross channel collaboration such as audio, HD video, email, web, social media, desktop collaboration, mobile applications, TV set-top box applications

another aspect of integration is the cooperation between traditional customer service center seats and internal office staff to support all seats

the high rebound force is absorbed by the workpiece. A part effective unified operation management tool

with the development of customer service centers and active marketing and other businesses, the next generation customer service centers need to support efficient unified operation management tools: provide a unified quality inspection monitoring and management system, configure management portals and tubes, monitor and alarm end-to-end components in real time, and provide unified report presentation. These capabilities will effectively improve the efficiency of customer service center operation and management and reduce operating costs

when upgrading to the next generation customer service center, in order to absolutely ensure the stability and continuity of business, the customer service center platform needs to have excellent openness, support the docking with third-party heterogeneous systems, and form a heterogeneous dual active architecture. On the one hand, it can protect the original investment, on the other hand, it can enhance the robustness of the customer service center system and ensure the smooth migration of business

sustainable service

Huawei has been investing and innovating in the customer service center program for many years. It can provide industry-leading contact center solutions to help financial customers build a future oriented, sustainable, innovative, stable and reliable financial customer service center

CITIC Bank is one of the earliest emerging commercial banks established in China's reform and opening up, and it is the first commercial bank in China to participate in the financing of domestic and foreign financial markets. Using Huawei's solution, China CITIC Bank has built a new generation of customer service centers with North South dual centers (Beijing and Shenzhen) running in parallel for mutual disaster recovery, supporting the rapid development of the bank's retail, credit card, corporate and other customer service businesses, and has become an important basic platform for China CITIC Bank's customer management and external services. 1 There is residual air in the cylinder

in the new era, what value does the construction of the new generation customer service center of China CITIC Bank bring? Let's have a comprehensive understanding through a video

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