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Huawei video te30 creates a real-world "random door" for pollen.

card 1 turns down the random door in the animation "Doraemon" in front of the printer. I believe everyone is very familiar with it. As long as you open the door, you can go anywhere in the world and meet anyone. Recently, in the practice speech -- Huawei brand journey activity, the Huawei gate brought a magical random door to the pollen on the scene. In 2015, the differentiation of non-ferrous metal sub plates was obvious -- Beijing audiences only need to open a door to see a comedy or magic show from Shenzhen

Huawei gate at the Beijing event

during the on-site event held at the world trade center in Beijing, both adults and children were curious about this mysterious Huawei gate. It can be seen at the scene that after opening the door, there is a display screen as high as the door, and a circus staff appears, amusing many audiences with various props and jokes. In addition, some spectators opened the door and saw a wonderful magic show, which was performed interactively with the magician on the screen

the on-site audience competed to experience the door of Huawei

the random door in cartoon animation was realized at the activity site of Huawei. When you open the door, you can meet your friends on the other side of the world. What technology is it realized through

Beijing audiences experience Huawei's gate and interact with performers far away in Shenzhen.

the interactive experience of Huawei's gate is mainly achieved by Huawei's video conferencing solution. It can be seen from the scene that above the gate of Huawei is Huawei te30 integrated HD video conference terminal, which has the characteristics of low bandwidth HD experience, simple deployment and so on. Huawei te30's low bandwidth HD video capability can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of the film, enabling Huawei gate to travel all over the country. In the case of insufficient bandwidth, it can also present users with a high-quality remote video communication experience. The simple deployment of this feature allows field staff to quickly complete the installation and application of HD video conferencing system without mastering professional video conferencing technology. In short, these unique advantages of Huawei te30 significantly reduce the application door of HD video conferencing system and integrate it into local cooperation for win-win results; Controlling the refining capacity threshold is very suitable for the branches of small and medium-sized enterprises or large enterprises, and the video system can be applied freely without adding special IT personnel

after the Beijing and Shenyang stations, in the next five months, the Huawei gate built with Huawei te30 integrated video terminal will follow the practice -- Huawei brand journey to visit 20 cities across the country, such as Shijiazhuang, Xining, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and meet more friends, so that everyone can experience efficient communication like a casual door

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