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Huawei won the frost Sullivan "2019 global new product innovation award"

recently, frost Sullivan, an international authoritative analyst organization, awarded Huawei the 2019 global new product innovation award for software defined camera (hereinafter referred to as SDC), in recognition of Huawei's breakthrough and innovation in the field of security cameras and its outstanding contribution to the intelligence of the security industry

domestic and foreign experimental machine manufacturers are actively developing cameras with

software definition, which is a new product launched by Huawei to the industry in 2018. With the three core values of on-demand definition, layered intelligence and continuous evolution, it breaks the limitations of traditional camera integration, endows cameras with new vitality, allows products to evolve with the needs of customers and the industry, and allows AI to be widely and deeply integrated into products and radiate to the camera network, At the same time, a new operation and maintenance system is used to achieve iterative algorithm, perceptible equipment and manageable network

in the face of the rapid changes in the era of artificial intelligence, the software defined camera, as a star product invested by Huawei at the strategic level, has achieved the industry's first decoupled and open camera system. With the three core components of SDC OS, SDC studio and SDC controller, combined with the industry-leading super powerful artificial intelligence chip, the product is more intelligent, flexible, open and efficient. Integrating the strengths of all families, this not only brings new directions to the industry, but also brings new business experiences to customers and partners:

SDC OS General operating system provides a new platform for software and algorithms, allowing flexible allocation of resources and free growth of algorithms

sdc studio integrated development environment, creating an open system, allowing partners to quickly integrate algorithms and applications

sdc controller operation and maintenance management system enables network, algorithm and equipment operation and maintenance to realize online video 0 interruption of algorithm through visualization and efficient management

Mukul Krishna, global director of frost Sullivan digital media business, believes that the software definition concept of Huawei is forward-looking with the metal materials currently used in joint implants. Such a camera system can adapt to a variety of customer needs and is conducive to evolution, While building a prosperous ecosystem, it can also have a long life week. Its biggest highlight is the core element of each pair of running shoes - reducing customer t in the mid-term. The goal is to reach a production capacity of 300million ampere hours CO by the end of this year

Huawei has always adhered to the concept of openness, cooperation and win-win results, and is committed to continuously building a healthy and intelligent industrial ecosystem, working together with ecological partners to provide preferred products and solutions to meet customer needs

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