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Huawei unified communication helps Sinopec International Exploration agile office

Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Development Co., Ltd. has businesses in 27 countries and operates 53 projects. The company has multiple sets of communication systems, but they are separated and independent, unable to communicate with each other, and the communication efficiency is low. With the rapid development of the company's business, in order to meet the communication needs between the company's headquarters and overseas institutions, it is proposed to integrate the company's existing communication system and build a set of cross platform, cross system unified communication system

the company's business is spread across different regions of the world, with uneven project conditions and a shortage of manpower. The IT infrastructure of overseas projects is generally weak. How to achieve fast and efficient communication under this condition

Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as international exploration) has encountered such problems. As a strategic business unit of Sinopec in charge of the integration of overseas oil and gas exploration and development investment and operation, international exploration has participated in the operation in 27 countries around the world and managed 53 oil and gas cooperation projects after development in recent years. It has branches in many domestic and overseas regions, involving five overseas oil and gas cooperation zones in North America, Central Asia, South America, the Middle East and Europe. Therefore, there is an urgent need for convenient, fast and efficient communication between the company's headquarters and various regions

international exploration originally built IP voice system and video conference system in headquarters and several branches, and used communication equipment from many manufacturers to provide services. These independent communication systems of different brands cannot be integrated, so they are eager to build a unified communication system to provide convenient, fast, efficient and consistent communication experience for employees everywhere

for the overall needs of the construction of international exploration unified communication, Huawei provides Espace unified communication solution, which integrates voice, data and video. Through the cooperation of fixed, computer, mobile, tablet and other terminals, it provides enterprise users with all-round business functions such as IP voice call, collaborative application, mobile office and so on. Enterprise users can SMM at any time and anywhere: it's too busy. It can be safely and conveniently accessed to the enterprise business communication platform through any kind of communication terminal, so as to improve office efficiency and enhance the communication experience of employees

all adopt centralized deployment scheme, deploy voice gateway and UC application server in the headquarters, and support all voice communication and UC services; All divisions use Huawei IP phones and UC clients to access through IP. The original third-party communication system of the enterprise can be connected to Huawei unified communication system through SIP relay to realize the interworking between the voice and video conference system under the original equipment and Huawei unified communication system

mature and comprehensive design to create a highly reliable unified communication network

Huawei Espace unified communication solution has carrier level reliability. The core voice equipment has an advanced architecture, the internal module has the active and standby redundancy or load sharing operation mode, the key board has the active and standby redundancy configuration, and the power module has the active and standby redundancy configuration. UC application server and database adopt 1+1 dual computer deployment

integrate multiple systems to achieve efficient collaborative office

through Huawei Espace unified communication solution, international exploration integrates multiple existing voice and video systems, breaks through the obstacles between different communication platforms, integrates the respective advantages of each system, and truly realizes the above points, which are the factors affecting the mechanical measurement of pressure testing machine. The unified office communication of the integration of multiple locations, multiple systems, and various tools. Huawei Espace unified communication solution provides rich unified communication functions such as IP voice and video calls, instant messages, groups, status presentation, file transmission, enterprise address book, voice conference, video conference and data conference, which greatly improves the collaborative office ability of the headquarters and branches

easy and efficient mobile office at low cost

with the rapid development of mobile communication, mobile devices such as, tablet computers have become important communication tools for people's life and work. International exploration has more than 2000 employees all over the world, and many employees lack appropriate communication tools in mobile office. With call, the communication cost is high and there are only simple functions, which can not meet the needs of conference, instant messaging and other services in mobile office

Huawei Espace unified communication solution not only provides users with rich desktop unified communication functions, but also extends office communication functions to users' smartphones and tablets. When going out, users can use the functions of IP voice and video call, enterprise address book query, instant messaging, mobile multimedia conference, etc. through the UC client on the tablet, which is as convenient as working outside, and reduces the communication cost

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