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Huawei UPS builds an "airport of the future" energy base for Shenzhen Airport

starting from the heart, connecting the world, building a first-class international aviation hub, achieving global management excellence, innovation and leading the airport group has always been the positioning and vision of Shenzhen airport people. After 29 years of development, Shenzhen airport has become the fifth largest airport in China with an annual throughput of more than 52 million passengers. However, the pace of Shenzhen airport has never stopped. As the only airport in China to participate in the future airport pilot of the International Air Traffic Association, a large number of future oriented upgrading projects are being implemented, and the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources is expected to reach 265 million tons, The airport UPS host renovation project is one of the key projects of the airport phase II project in the future. Shenzhen Airport finally chose the Huawei UPS solution to build a smart future airport for Shenzhen airport, restructure the ICT infrastructure platform, and provide a solid energy base for fully promoting the informatization construction of the airport

this renovation involves 30 medium and large UPS hosts in 10 distribution rooms of the terminal and ITC information building. These ups have been in service for a long time, and the equipment aging has led to an increase in the failure rate. Most spare parts have been discontinued, and the maintenance work is extremely dependent on the original factory, with serious potential risks in operation. These have not brought severe challenges for Shenzhen airport to build a smart future airport

as the benchmark of future airports, Shenzhen airport has set a very high standard for the selection of replacement UPS, which represents the high level of the industry and the future evolution trend. At the same time, it has rich experience in cutover support to ensure that the operation process is foolproof. Huawei has been deeply involved in the field of UPS for many years, and won the first place in China's market share in 2019. The fully modular multiple redundancy design of Huawei UPS, without single point of failure, can comprehensively ensure the operation of key airport businesses. At the same time, the AI active early warning function of capacitors, fans and other components can change passive operation and maintenance into active prevention, greatly reducing the difficulty of operation and maintenance

at 3 a.m. on July 18, the joint team of Shenzhen airport and Huawei completed the cutover of the second ups with zero error, which means that the carbon fiber was successfully cut from the first set 13 days, 5 days ahead of the original plan. The victory of the second battle continued the good momentum for the next 24 UPS intensive cutover campaign

Huang Biao, general manager of Shenzhen airport data management center, said: the success of the project cutover means that our success is not accidental. With the support of Huawei, the maintenance level of the airport UPS system has risen to a new level, which once again proves that for the replacement of old UPS host, as long as the scheme is formulated correctly, the process is operable, the cutover is feasible and controllable, and the cutover transformation of old UPS host is not terrible, Team members are full of confidence in the next cutover work and future operation and maintenance support work. Looking forward to the future, we hope that Huawei's investment and financing institutions will continue to strengthen their penetration into the energy storage industry, help Shenzhen airport build an international aviation hub with excellent products and services, continue to move towards the goal of the future airport, and realize the strategic vision of global management excellence and innovation leading the airport group as soon as possible

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