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Huawei video conference helps Xicheng District Emergency HD reconstruction

Xicheng District Emergency Office, in accordance with the work deployment of the city and district, in the process of comprehensively responding to major natural disasters, dealing with public safety incidents, and protecting the safety of people's lives and property, starts the emergency plan in time, quickly responds to the disposal of public emergencies, and undertakes the publicity, education, and training related to responding to emergencies. The video conference system has become an important support for consultation with superiors and various neighborhood offices. Since 2008, Xicheng District has vigorously carried out the construction of video conference system in all levels of district government departments and functional departments. At this stage, Xicheng District has a total of 47 video conference venues

with the gradual development of business and the continuous construction of informatization, the existing video conference of Xicheng District Emergency Office has also found some problems: the effect of the existing standard definition video conference venue is not enough to meet the current meeting needs, and the data files of work instructions issued in the meeting cannot be seen clearly by the sub district office, requiring the new system to be high-definition

the operation of control equipment is cumbersome, which affects the use efficiency. It is required that the new construction system should be simple and easy to use

the existing equipment has been discontinued and cannot be repaired, and the stability and reliability cannot be guaranteed

at the same time, the video venue of the sub district office has not reached full coverage and is in urgent need of deployment

4. The clearance between the indenter and the liner should be appropriate (1.0 ± 0.2) mm

Huawei's video conference has developed for 23 years. As a leading domestic video conference solution supplier, we provide a set of high-definition end-to-end video conference solutions according to the current problems in Xicheng District to deal with the characteristics of emergency work, and tailor a set of detailed video conference system solutions for it: extreme high-definition, stable and reliable Easy to use HD video conferencing solution. We provide Max presence smart in the main venue, which can realize ultra wide panoramic display and enjoy the cinema level conference experience; Deploy Huawei multi-functional smart RP and Huawei te50 terminals in sub district offices; In the core computer room, deploy full editing and full interpretation MCU vp9660, recording and broadcasting server rse6500, and video service management system smc2.0

extreme HD: the video conference system built for Xicheng District Emergency Office supports end-to-end HD. The whole system is 1080, while plastic only defines P60 frames (MCU, terminal, camera, video server). Huawei HD video conference system can support 60 frames/second full frame rate technology. Compared with the traditional 30 frames/second technology, the image fluency is doubled, which greatly improves the image fluency, and enables customers to experience a more realistic, clearer and smoother picture. The max deployed in the main venue of the emergency office can provide high-quality images with a resolution of 5760 1080 and 60 frames; Support aac-ld three channel stereo and audio sampling rate up to 48Khz; The system adopts Huawei's patented technology of panoramic image acquisition, so that the image of the whole venue can be completely presented at the remote end. The sound pickup system and the sound reinforcement system of the venue adopt the technology of audio-visual co location, so that the remote image and sound are consistent in orientation, bringing a high sense of three-dimensional and realism. So that the commanders can visit the disposal site in person, and any on-site situation can be presented to the command hall in real time. For experts, leaders and commanders in the field to analyze the situation in time, discuss the plan, and the implementation plan of on-site personnel, the coordination strength and efficiency have been greatly improved

stable and reliable: the core computer room recording and broadcasting server rse6500 supports hard disk, power supply and chip backup. MCU vp9660 adopts a real-time embedded operating system and supports multiple backups of boards, power supplies, ports, chips, etc. MCU vp9660 is a mature board active and standby switching technology. When the main control board fails, it realizes millisecond service switching without feeling the switching process. This kind of switching can effectively deal with board level failures such as device failure, which greatly improves the stability of the whole system, thus ensuring the smooth convening of the conference. It is especially suitable for the core switching platform of video conference system between government departments with high stability requirements

simple and easy to use: Huawei's video conferencing product is a special experience product, which includes that the use should not be too cumbersome, but more intelligent and simplified. The so-called intellectualization is to take into account the habits of users. Huawei HD video conferencing system has tailored different terminals for different users and application scenarios. For people in government departments, the most important thing is simple and easy to use. In particular, the new generation of TE SERIES terminals can support self initiated meetings, voice calls, and conference columns, which are ideal functions for sample cooling and thermal insulation equipment table one click entry in metal material low-temperature impact experiments. Meeting convening and joining are simple and fast. Rp series multi-function smart real adopts integrated design and overall ultra-thin technology, with fashionable and beautiful appearance. It can realize 1080p Full HD video functionally, bringing the feeling of real person face-to-face communication; Professional acoustic processing brings cinema level sound quality enjoyment; Humanized Interface and remote control design, smooth operation. RR Zhizhen provides fixed, mobile and other installation methods to easily integrate into different places, so that the meeting personnel can communicate easily

the video conference system of the industrial chain such as high-definition and high-end equipment aluminum research and development has made outstanding contributions to the emergency command. The video quality has been significantly improved, and the conference quality has also been improved. It truly realizes the video conference picture of seeing, seeing clearly and seeing truly, so that the leaders attending the meeting can quickly integrate the opinions of all parties, make quick decisions and deal with the dangerous situations in time, The most important thing to protect people's lives and property from unnecessary losses is that work efficiency has been greatly improved. At the same time, it meets the needs of point-to-point, deliberative, multi-point grouping, HD double stream and other scene meetings, meets the daily communication needs of the district emergency office and the sub district offices, improves work efficiency, saves time and cost of personnel travel, saves travel costs, and the meeting is more efficient

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