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Huawei WLAN escorts the international top "hacker" competition 0ctf2016

ctiforum news on April 26 (Li Wenjie): April is full of spring, and the 0ctf2016 international information security technology challenge was grandly opened in Shanghai Bay zero. 0ctf2016 is China's first global top security competition hosted by the 0ops team. 72 global network security attack and defense experts from 12 countries and regions, including the United States, Russia and Germany, have launched a fierce attack and defense confrontation final. The champion team will directly obtain the qualification of the finals of this year's hacker World Cup defcomctf

as the world's top network security competition summit, it has become a hard standard for on-site wireless access at any time and anywhere, as well as a hard demand for guests. Therefore, the sponsor invited Huawei to provide on-site wireless connection of cement mold test technical parameters

efficient and fast delivery

the site has about 1000 square meters of space, and it is expected that more than 1000 college students, scientific researchers, enterprise technicians and other guests will enter the site. Huawei completed the deployment and debugging of equipment in one day. What kind of wireless solution supports Huawei to complete the delivery so efficiently? The answer is a little unexpected, but it's reasonable that Huawei's exemption scheme

different from the traditional wireless deployment scheme, Huawei's exemption scheme does not require on-site environmental survey, and the equipment is installed directly according to the exemption instruction manual. The AP room automatically adjusts and optimizes the parameters such as radio power and channel through the k-bestdca patented algorithm developed by Huawei through the underground waterproof engineering quality acceptance specification GB 50208 ⑵ 002. It only takes 30 minutes to realize the convergence of network parameters and enter the operational state

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the summit and the challenge, Huawei selected the high-performance indoor high-density wireless access point ap7030de certified by the international authoritative testing agency Tolly

the network ran smoothly and smoothly

0on the day of CTF, the atmosphere was extremely warm. Only on the main forum site, the number of people connected to the wireless network exceeded 300. Under such a high density of concurrent users, Huawei WLAN network can still maintain stable operation. The on-site users can walk around at will without dropping the line. They can brush and watch videos freely. People who use wireless networks can be seen everywhere, but there is no problem of dropping the line or unsmooth network

the superior performance of Huawei WLAN wireless network ensures users' good access experience, fully demonstrates the excellent access performance and reliability of Huawei WLAN products, as well as the efficiency of professional delivery teams. Huawei WLAN wireless network products will also break through one technical problem after another, bravely climb the peak of wireless network technology, and realize the vision of connecting the world with wireless networks, just as customers are persistent hackers on the platform

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