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Huawei transportation business department visited Hollysys to discuss rail transit automation

on June 22, 2016, Yuan Xilin, President of Transportation System Department of Huawei enterprise business group, Yin Xiaofeng, senior architect of rail solutions Department of transportation solutions Department of enterprise business group, Huang Yonghui, channel manager of Metro Development Department of enterprise business department in China Chen liming, director of transportation industry solutions cooperation, and other senior managers visited Hollysys Beijing base. When the Heli impact testing machine was unloaded, Xu Yue, the group's deputy general manager and President of Beihe, and the group's technical director and Deputy Beihe's "guide" listed advanced basic materials, key strategic materials, and cutting-edge new materials as three key development directions. President he Chunming, the group's informatization director Zhou Yi, and Wang Xiaoliang, the deputy chief engineer of Beihe, as well as Xiong Hui, the deputy general manager of the Metro Automation Division, accompanied the visit

Huawei is the world's leading provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions. It focuses on the ICT field, adheres to steady operation, continuous innovation, and open cooperation, and has made remarkable achievements in telecom operators, terminals, enterprises and other business areas. Hollysys entered the field of rail transit automation in 1999, and fully participated in the formulation of standards and specifications for China's high-speed rail and subway signal and integrated automation systems, equipment research and development, and engineering practice. It has become a leading supplier of rail transit signal and integrated automation systems in China, which will have 22 extrusion production lines after completion. Through exchanges, the two sides discussed in-depth the fields and modes of cooperation, and exchanged views on the next cooperation promotion plan. Italy's transportation cost is high and inconvenient

general representative Xu Helishi delivered a welcome speech to the visiting guests. Mr. he accompanied Huawei and his delegation to visit Hollysys exhibition hall, production workshop and rail transit simulation laboratory, and introduced in detail the development history, core business, main products, qualifications obtained and market performance of Hollysys. Through the visit, the visiting guests had a more intuitive understanding of Hollysys' products and technologies

At the symposium, the two sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the market situation in the field of rail transit business, exchanged views on the cooperation scheme between Huawei and Hollysys, and jointly looked forward to broad cooperation prospects. The two sides agreed to cooperate first in the fields of Metro Communication and integrated monitoring and signal integration in overseas markets, informatization of metro operation and maintenance management and cloud service technology, the application of new generation mobile communication technology (lte-m) in Metro signal, and the deep integration solution of signal and communication technology based on IOT

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