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Huawei took the lead in completing the German lni4.0 TSN interface compatibility test

the two-day test started on May 3 this year by German lni4, at which time the manufacturer needs to be contacted 0 led the TSN interface compatibility test, Huawei TSN switches performed stably, took the lead in completing the TSN interface compatibility test, and performed well in industrial Ethernet interoperability and time synchronization protocol interoperability

in this docking test, Huawei provided netco9 based Wood moisture content tester: to detect the moisture content of materials, TSN switch ar550 configured by nf/yang participated in the test, and took the lead in introducing SDN network configuration into TSN among all manufacturers; In the clock synchronization test, Huawei switches support IEEE Std and IEEE Std 802.1as-2011 protocols at the same time, leading in compatibility and completing the docking test of the most manufacturers (with a number of manufacturers such as Siemens, Hirschmann, Hilscher, ADI, Beckhoff, Renesas, silica, sprint, etc., taking the lead in completing the successful docking of switches and IPC, gateway, etc. on IEEE Std, IEEE Std 802.1as-2011 and IEEE Std 802.1as-rev protocols), The end-to-end time synchronization verification is completed through the series group of multiple devices; In the transmission test of data packets and frames, it supports the compatible interconnection with the 100m and Gigabit industrial interfaces of various manufacturers, and has preliminarily completed the verification of qbv traffic scheduling

lni4.0 is an important part of German industry 4.0. The association was jointly established by bitkom, VDMA and ZVEI and some companies. It works with industry 4.0 platform and standardization committee industry 4.0 (sci4.0) to ensure the compatibility between competitive products and solutions. The interaction between the three organizations forms the response process of strategy and concept, testing and standardization

this industrial testbed OPC UA over TSN project brings together 25 manufacturers and organizations including Huawei, Siemens, abb, Hirschmann, etc. the goal of the first stage is to complete the clock synchronization protocol IEEE Std, IEEE Std 802.1as-2011 and IEEE Std, whose performance is the same 802.1. According to Dr. Cao min of the company, the interface compatibility test of as rev, Cristian, an OPC UA expert at Huawei's European Munich Institute, and Guo Yinghui, a software architect, actively participated in the first round of TSN interface compatibility testing. According to the on-site feedback, Huawei's TSN deployment is generally stable, and its performance and characteristics are not inferior to those of other manufacturers, and slightly exceed them

in the next step, lni4.0 will start the real qbv test in early July. Around the end of this year, two or more interface compatibility tests will be held, including plug fests, in which Huawei will also actively participate. This interface compatibility test is also an important action after Huawei and the edge computing industry alliance jointly released the tsn+opc UA test bed with 20 + partners at the Hannover industrial exhibition. It is also an important measure to promote the rapid development of TSN in Europe and even the world

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