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The application and development status of mold cad/cam software (Part 2)

VII. The main deficiencies in the application and development of mold cad/cam software in China

in recent years, the development and application of cad/cam system in China has made some achievements, and the domestic cad/cam commercialized software market has initially formed. The deficiencies in the application and development of cad/cam software mainly include the following points:

(L) many enterprises' understanding of CAD is still only in the drawing stage, lacking the guidance of design methods and design theories, so that the benefits of CAD have not been brought into full play

(2) the level of cad/cam software application personnel is uneven, and CAD software cannot be applied efficiently

(3) there is a tendency of blindness in the introduction of mold cad/cam technology. Many enterprises do not fully consider the characteristics of various cad/cam software, and the cad/cam software purchased can not be fully applicable to the product design and development of the enterprise

(4) the secondary development of the imported mold cad/cae system can't keep up, resulting in the efficiency of the imported software can't be brought into full play

(5) the domestic mold cad/cam technology level is still in the period of high-tech integration and transition to industrialization and commercialization. The commercialization degree of the independently developed mold cad/cam system is not high enough, and there is still a big gap between the function and stability of foreign advanced software

(6) there is less innovation and more imitation in the development of CAD technology in China. Without innovation, there is no competitiveness, and only imitation can not develop competitive products. This problem exists in both two-dimensional CAD in China and three-dimensional CAD developed at present

(7) the development of CAD software in China lacks the research of theory and algorithm. CAD technology is a comprehensive high-tech technology, which must improve the accuracy of displacement measurement to meet the requirements of users. It involves a wide range and complexity, rapid technological changes, and fierce competition

(8) information integration technology is backward. The extensive integration of information technology is based on product data management (PDM) and process management (PM) to realize the guarantee machine integration of cad/capp/cam and ERP, which can provide customers with detailed inspection. PDM is also an important foundation in concurrent engineering. Therefore, this kind of basic software is also occupied by foreign systems. Our cad/capp/cam integration technology is based on foreign basic systems

VIII. Conclusion

in the application of mold cad/cam, the application of mold cad/cam in China has made great progress, and mold cad/cam technology has been widely used in Chinese enterprises

but in general, there are still many drawbacks in the use of cad/cam technology in China's mold industry. The level of mold cad/cam technology is still in the period of high-tech integration and transition to industrialization and commercialization. The development level, commercialization and marketization of independently developed mold cad/cam software are not as good as those of developed countries. In terms of reliability and stability, the software still lags behind that of foreign industrial developed countries

II. Characteristics of mold cad/cam

a stable mold cad/cam system that can meet the actual production design needs should have the following characteristics:

(L) mold cad/cam system must have the ability to describe the geometry of objects. In mold design, because the working part of the mold (such as the cavity of drawing die, forging die and injection mold) is designed according to the shape of product parts. Therefore, no matter what type of mold is designed, the geometry of product parts must be provided at the beginning. Otherwise, the geometric information about the product parts cannot be input, and the design program cannot run. In addition, in order to compile NC machining program and calculate tool path, it is also necessary to establish the geometric model of mold parts. Therefore, geometric modeling is an important problem in mold cad/cam

(2) standardization is a necessary condition to realize die CAD. Mold design is generally not unique. In order to facilitate the realization of mold CAD and reduce the storage of data, the first problem to be solved when establishing mold CAD system is standardization, including the standardization of design criteria, mold parts and mold structure. With a standardized mold structure, you can choose a typical mold combination when designing a mold, call standard mold parts, and only a few working parts need to be designed

(3) the treatment of design criteria is an important problem in mold CAD. Most of the design criteria for manual mold design are given in the form of data tables and line diagrams

III. advantages of mold cad/cam

the interaction between computer and designers is conducive to giving full play to the respective strengths of man and machine, and making mold design and manufacturing process more reasonable. The optimization design method adopted by the system is conducive to the optimization of some process parameters and die structure

(1) cad/cam can save time and improve productivity. The automation of design calculation and drawing greatly shortens the design time. The integration of CAD and cam can significantly shorten the cycle from design to manufacturing

(2) cad/cam can greatly reduce the cost. The 1.2 million ton nickel matrix composite project of gaoshandong Hongwang of computer will be put into production at the end of the year. The rapid calculation and automatic drawing will save a lot of labor by replacing polycarbonate in the utilization of these needs. The optimization design brings about the saving of raw materials. For example, the blank optimization layout of stamping parts can improve the material utilization by 5% and 7%. Cam can be used to process complex mold surfaces that are difficult to be processed by traditional methods, which can reduce the processing and debugging hours of the mold and reduce the manufacturing cost. Some of the economic benefits of cad/cam can be estimated, while others are difficult to estimate. Due to the adoption of cad/cam technology, the production preparation time is shortened, and the upgrading of products is accelerated, which greatly enhances the market competitiveness of products

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