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Honeywell promotes the construction of intrinsic safety in coal mines in China

recently, a "high-level forum on safety production supervision and underground personnel management" hosted by the China safety and protection products industry association was held at the National People's Congress conference center. Honeywell (NYSE: HON), the global leader in automation control and security technology, as the organizer of this high-level forum, actively participated in the forum, And released the "coal mine underground personnel management system" on the forum. Wu Chunhe, member of the CPPCC National Committee and economist, Peng Yujing, deputy director of the Department of policies and regulations of the State Administration of work safety, Jin Xiufeng, vice president and Secretary General of the China Association of safety products industry, Wang Guangde, vice president of the China Coal Industry Association, and leaders and experts from the state owned assets administration and supervision commission of the State Council, the national development and Reform Commission, the Finance Department of the Ministry of finance, China University of mining and technology, and China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd, Nearly 100 guests, including mainstream and industry media, leaders of important coal mining enterprises, agents and integrators of coal mine safety production system, participated in the forum to jointly advise on the development of coal mine safety production in China, the world's largest coal output country

in view of the coal mine safety situation in China, in recent years, the relevant national departments have taken a series of major measures to strengthen the legal construction of safety production, strengthen the supervision of coal mine safety, and improve the safety management level of coal mine enterprises. According to the announcement of the State Administration of work safety, the death toll of coal mine accidents nationwide in 2007 fell from nearly 6000 in 2005 to 3786, However, the thermal insulation performance of national coal mine accidents is slightly worse than that of foreign products, and has not been fundamentally controlled. Improving the intrinsic safety of coal mine equipment and facilities, personnel safety awareness and safety management level can not be ignored

"coal mine underground personnel management system" is a newly developed system based on Honeywell's attention to the current situation of coal mine safety production in China. The system adopts advanced RFID radio frequency and data communication, data processing technology and geographic information system. In view of the situation of underground operations in coal mines, such as personnel dispersion, hazards caused by illegal operations, such as collapse, roof fall, disappearance, explosion and so on, it can observe the construction situation of underground miners in real time, find hidden dangers and eliminate anomalies in time. The unique peopletracking software can immediately identify the location of miners in the event of an accident, assist rescuers in judging the situation in the well, greatly improve the speed of emergency response, buy valuable time for rescue, and ensure the life safety of miners. Honeywell hopes to help Chinese coal mining enterprises establish a safer production environment through the release of this system

PENG Yujing, deputy director of the policy and regulation department of the State Administration of work safety, pointed out in his speech: "2007, which has just passed, is a year of implementation and breakthrough in the field of safety production in China. Great achievements have been made, and 'overall stability tends to improve'. This year, we will further strengthen the publicity of the concept of safety production, establish a long-term mechanism, and implement science and technology to promote safety. For coal mine safety, we will further promote underground personnel positioning and other systems to make coal mine production safer."

Jin Xiufeng, vice president and Secretary General of the China Safety Products Industry Association, the organizer of the forum, pointed out in her speech: "Honeywell has been engaged in R & D, manufacturing and consulting services of security products for many years. They have accumulated rich experience in technical services in the field of production safety, and have basically formed a complete set of solutions in this field. The security industry association is willing to give full play to our role as a bridge, organize excellent security enterprises, contribute our due strength to the field of production safety, and play the role that industry organizations should play."

Shen Dali, global vice president and CEO of Honeywell in China, pointed out in his speech: "In recent years, we are pleased to see that the relevant government departments have taken a series of major measures to improve the safety supervision and management level of coal mining enterprises. The confidence, determination and strength of the Chinese government in this regard have made Honeywell deeply aware that as one of the largest and most experienced security product manufacturers in the world, it is our responsibility as China It is incumbent on active participants in economic and social development. The 'coal mine underground personnel management system' developed with the world's leading technology and in combination with the special needs of China's coal mine security field is another example of our commitment to promoting China's safe production. "

Honeywell, with a history of more than 100 years, is the world leader in automation control technology. We have been doing business in China since 1935 and have been committed to building a safer, more comfortable, more energy-saving, more innovative and productive environment for the world. Honeywell is a company with innovation as its core competitiveness. At present, it has obtained more than 15000 patents. In 2006, the company's R & D investment reached more than $1.4 billion, accounting for nearly 5% of the company's total revenue. Honeywell China R & D center in Shanghai is one of the largest R & D centers in the world. The "coal mine underground personnel management system" released this time is developed by Honeywell at a cost of nearly 10 million yuan after two years, drawing on its successful experience in the mining security field of various mines in the Americas, Oceania and Africa, such as the North Parkes copper mine in Australia, the hopdangs iron mine in Rio Tinto, and the diamond mine on the west coast of DeBeers in South Africa, according to China's coal mine safety production needs and new mandatory standards, The system has obtained international invention patents for three technologies, "multi client real-time display of large amount of data", "personnel trajectory prediction algorithm" and "personnel access analysis algorithm"

it is reported that Honeywell's "underground coal mine personnel management system" has been certified by the national mining product safety mark center, and has obtained the coal safety (MA) certification issued by the State Administration of work safety in November 2007, which conforms to the new safety standard of AQ specification for the use and management of underground coal mine personnel management system. The technical standard is 200 Newton n Kn (also expressed by "kg, t, kPa KP") was implemented on July 1, 2007. Honeywell is the first international enterprise to obtain the new standard coal safety certification. Experts attending the forum commented that the whole system of Honeywell's "coal mine underground personnel management system" adopts pure intrinsic safety design, and the underground wiring structure supports both serial and parallel communication. The equipment installation is more convenient, the positioning is more accurate, the interface is more friendly, and the operation is more convenient. It can manage the coal mine production process in an all-round way, establish a monitoring and early warning system for major safety accidents for coal mining enterprises, and create an intrinsically safe coal mine, It has provided technical support for the continuous improvement of the safety production situation of China's coal industry in the "hidden danger treatment year" of 2008. Report to the laboratory qualification department for standard change procedures

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