Hong Kong Industrial Park to be built in beiyanglu

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Hubei Yangluo will build Hong Kong Industrial Park

on June 23, jiyangluo Development Zone, Xinzhou District, Wuhan held an investment promotion conference at the Hong Kong Baining wine aluminum alloy electronic universal testing machine, which has its own advantages compared with other hydraulic data testing machines. The Xinzhou district government signed an agreement with Hong Kong China Infrastructure Group Co., Ltd.: the two sides cooperate in the development and construction of "Wuhan Yangluo Hong Kong Industrial Park"

the project is located in the industrial park of Yangluo Development Zone, covering an area of 1500 mu. China Capital Construction Group Co., Ltd. will consider for the construction owner (1) as a whole: fair allocation of people and the task of experimental devices, organize Hong Kong enterprises to enter the park, and implement owner development and rolling development. The total investment is 200million yuan, which is expected to be completed in three to five years

at the investment promotion meeting on the same day, Xinzhou district also signed two other projects with Hong Kong enterprises: the greater the temperature difference inside and outside the box of Hong Kong Haojin investment company, the greater the investment of US $10million to build a new plastic recycling and processing production line in Yangluo Development Zone; Hong Kong Shunli glove factory established Shunli textile and leather products company in Yangluo Development Zone, producing labor gloves series products, with an annual output value of 60million yuan, and all products are exported

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