Hong Kong launches moon cake box recycling program

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Hong Kong launched a moon cake box recycling plan to improve people's awareness of environmental protection

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the environmental protection department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the Hong Kong Federation of catering industry and other institutions, China's market demand for plastic products will continue to grow. It is planned to launch a "moon light box recycling plan" recently to recycle moon cake boxes to improve people's awareness of waste recycling and environmental protection

according to an official of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, the environmental protection department will set up recycling stations in 14 large shopping malls in many regions of Hong Kong to collect clean paper or iron moon cake boxes. Citizens can send moon cake boxes to these recycling stations from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. from September 12 to 14 and from September 20 to 21. It is reported that in order to encourage citizens to actively participate in this activity, citizens who send a paper or iron moon cake box will receive a coupon. With the coupon, they can get a discount when consuming in a designated restaurant on or before September 30

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