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Honeywell received a delegation of Chongqing mayor to sign cooperation on energy conservation and emission reduction. On August 19, the government and enterprise delegation led by Chongqing Mayor Wang Hongju signed two memoranda of intent on energy conservation and emission reduction with Honeywell in the United States. The separation rate of the collet of the universal experimental machine should be kept constant as much as possible and recorded within the specified stress rate range. In addition, the mayor of Chongqing also led a delegation to visit Honeywell's technology experience center in Washington, D.C. Honeywell fully demonstrated to the guests the company's advanced technologies in the fields of energy conservation and emission reduction, safety and security, transportation, control and materials

the first memorandum of cooperation is the memorandum of intent for small turbocharging project signed by Honeywell and Chongqing Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd. Honeywell is the world's leading turbocharger manufacturer. This signing shows Honeywell's positive response to the national policy of encouraging the development of small displacement vehicles and engine miniaturization, and also highlights Honeywell's full support for the development of China's automotive industry

the second memorandum of cooperation is the Changshou Chemical Industry Park Honeywell key hazard monitoring system project, that is, Honeywell uses its remote environmental monitoring system to monitor the sewage flow in real time. This is a further measure taken by Honeywell to provide this monitoring service to enterprises in the chemical park at the beginning of this year. This signing will double the number of enterprises participating in this environmental protection project

Wang Hongju, mayor of Chongqing, said, "Honeywell has the world's leading technology in key areas such as energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, and has always actively participated in the economic development and construction of Chongqing. Through this visit, I hope to deepen the understanding of Honeywell's long history and advanced technology, and promote the cooperation between Honeywell and more local enterprises in Chongqing."

Shen Dali, President and CEO of Honeywell China and India, said: "It's a great honor to witness this milestone today. Honeywell and Chongqing have formed a close partnership. As a member of the annual meeting of the international economic advisory group of the mayor of Chongqing, we actively contribute ideas and suggestions to the urban construction and economic development of Chongqing; Honeywell process control's first global engineering service center in China is also located in the northern New Area of Chongqing; we have worked with many local enterprises in Chongqing to Carry out cooperation in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction. As part of supporting the post disaster construction in Sichuan, Honeywell is choosing a level-1 precision experimental machine for general material experiments, which is fully enough to build five rural clinics in Liangping County, Chongqing. We are glad to see that Honeywell's technology is supporting the sustainable development of Chongqing's pillar industries, and sincerely hope to continue to deepen win-win cooperation with local enterprises in the future. "

Honeywell is a global leader in the field of environmental protection and energy conservation. Nearly half of Honeywell's global product portfolio is related to energy conservation. According to statistics, if the United States and Europe only use the existing Honeywell technology, they can reduce the current energy consumption by 15% to 20%. In China, Honeywell promises to use its own technology to help China build a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" society, which can not be combined with carbon fiber to ensure the lightweight and durability of cars

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