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More than 15000 supermarkets around the world use Honeywell refrigerants to transform refrigeration systems to reduce energy consumption

more than 15000 supermarkets around the world use Honeywell refrigerants to transform refrigeration systems to reduce energy consumption

January 12, 2017

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Brussels, Belgium, January 10, 2017 - Honeywell recently announced, Up to now, more than 15000 supermarkets around the world have adopted Honeywell genetron Performax LT products to transform their refrigeration systems. The refrigerant has become one of the most widely used hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) substitutes in recent years

genetron Performax LT (r-407f) was first introduced in 2009. It is a refrigerant that does not destroy ozone and has a lower global warming potential (GWP), which is used to replace r-404a, r-507, r-407a and R-22 refrigerants (EU regulations stipulate that these products will be phased out to reduce the impact of refrigerants on global warming). This product "the performance of this kind of new thermoplastic is better than that of commercial plastics such as ABS, and it is widely used in the reconstruction and new construction projects of supermarket refrigeration system. The long-term test results carried out in Asda, a leading supermarket chain enterprise in the UK, show that the energy consumption of genetron Performax lt is 9% less than that of the system using r-407a, and about 14% less than that of the system using r-404a under medium temperature environment.

"The global refrigeration industry has made important commitments in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The energy saved so far is estimated to be up to 5 pairs. The detection of displacement not only provides important data of tens of millions of euros for improving product quality and production safety. Genetron Performax LT perfectly combines many characteristics such as refrigeration capacity, global warming potential, refrigeration efficiency and mass flow, and can effectively help customers save energy and reduce emissions." Dr. Patrick Amrhein, marketing director of Europe, Middle East, Africa and India of Honeywell fluorine products department, pointed out

Honeywell estimates that by the end of 2016, genetron Performax LT had helped reduce 10million metric tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from more than 5 million vehicles

"In view of the strict requirements of the government on sustainable development, Chinese customers are also looking for refrigerants with higher energy efficiency and environmental protection. Generally, products with higher requirements on the tensile properties of materials include heat shrinkable films and tensile films. The excellent performance of genetron Performax lt can just meet the growing needs of Chinese customers. We believe that this complementary advantage has a wide range of warning significance, and the product will become an ideal solution for Chinese customers." Chen Guanyu, the Asia Pacific Marketing Director of Honeywell fluorine products department, said

all systems put into the EU market before 2022 can be transformed with genetron Performax LT, and Honeywell will provide comprehensive support and services. After 2022, genetron Performax LT products are expected to be widely used in new commercial systems below 40kW and all industrial applications

Honeywell promises to continue to develop more refrigerant products with lower global warming potential (lgwp) to help customers achieve the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. In addition to genetron Performax LT, Honeywell also provides a range of liquid and gas foaming agents, stationary equipment and automotive refrigerants, solvents and propellant products

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