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Honeywell introduced RMG gas metering management system to improve the accuracy and reliability of gas measurement

Honeywell introduced RMG gas metering management system to improve the accuracy and reliability of gas measurement. This system is for the remote monitoring of gas pipeline metering station, Operation data analysis and remote plastic machinery industry information give you a brief introduction to the operation methods and key maintenance solutions that should be paid attention to when extruding various products

on June 20, 2013, braknell Honeywell (nyse:hon) in the UK officially released the latest RMG gas metering management software and service solutions today, Help operators of natural gas and metering stations realize on-site or remote monitoring, and provide operation data analysis and remote maintenance management. The solution reduces the operation cost and improves the accuracy and reliability of measurement

rmg gas metering management system supports not only Honeywell RMG metering equipment, but also third-party metering devices, allowing users to accurately determine the technical status of all gas measurement equipment in the natural gas metering station through a single software package. In addition, remote access to measurement devices can simplify planning and organization, maintain the minimum number of station visits and reduce operating costs

Frank Michels, general manager of Honeywell RMG gas measurement, said: one of the purposes of our research and development of this latest solution is to help users freely and flexibly choose the combination of metering equipment that meets their unique requirements, without considering the differences of manufacturers. The RMG gas measurement management solution can seamlessly integrate RMG and third-party measurement devices, so users all over the world can create a highly suitable solution, while still being monitored by a centralized and reliable system

Honeywell has put this system into trial in its potential customers, such as schwaben Netz GmbH in Germany. The material industry is in a period of transformation and development, and has achieved good test results

Michael stoeckle, director of gas network control of schwabennets Co., Ltd., said: we are very satisfied with the test results of gas metering terminal module software. It can bring powerful, stable and intuitive applications to operators. We plan to expand the application of this solution in order to obtain fast and simple remote diagnosis and accelerate the return on investment

rmg gas metering management system adopts the framework of gas metering management, analysis and terminal module, so it can be installed without customized code changes and is easy to configure. The dynamic system display can display the detailed schematic diagram of the monitoring station, allowing technicians and accountants to access the current flow, pressure and temperature in real time, as well as real-time alarm data

Honeywell RMG gas metering management software will set English and German language modes. For more information, please log in or

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