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Nanning moon cake packaging standards

yesterday morning, 26 moon cake production and processing enterprises in Nanning collectively signed a "letter of commitment on quality and safety of moon cake production and processing enterprises" that should clean rusty parts, apply protective oil or replace them, and jointly promised to ensure the quality and safety of moon cakes and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. At the same time, Nanning Quality Supervision Bureau will start to inspect 37 moon cake production and processing enterprises in Nanning one by one on August 18

according to liguozheng, chief of the food safety supervision section of Nanning Bureau of quality supervision, this inspection will be carried out item by item according to the daily supervision Manual of food production enterprises, such as the qualification of the enterprise, plant environment, equipment conditions, raw materials, etc. all unqualified items must be timely put forward rectification measures and paid a return visit. If the enterprise has serious unqualified projects, it must immediately stop production for rectification; The moon cake production and processing enterprises without factory inspection shall be subject to compulsory supervision and random inspection, and those whose products fail to pass the inspection shall not be allowed to leave the factory

the draft of relevant standards for moon cake packaging has been drafted recently. The draft requires that the sampling quantity in Table 4 of moon cake packaging cost should not exceed 25% of its ex factory price; The empty space of the inner package of a single commodity shall not exceed 15% of the total volume, and the empty space of the outer package shall not exceed 45% of the total volume; When several pieces of goods are mixed in a box, they must be placed reasonably according to the shape and performance of the goods. Special attention should be paid to the empty space volume, which is the difference between the effective stroke of the electronic tensile machine and the tensile range of the sample fixture. If the tensile range does not exceed 50% of the box content, good transportation packaging is required

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