Honeywell launched new process real-time database

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Honeywell introduces new process real-time database software to improve the efficiency of factory data analysis

Honeywell introduces a new unity processstudio. As the latest software package of Honeywell real-time database, engineers can use it to analyze process performance more easily. The software has a friendly interface and includes workflow management applications. Engineers only need the most basic training or manual configuration to make trend charts

uniformity processstudio is designed to be used together with Honeywell's uniformity PhD, which is used to collect important data of plant equipment and instruments. For example, if the factory falls into an abnormal condition, users can extract historical data to check the operation of a device when an accident occurs, and use this information to avoid falling into an abnormal condition again in the future

ashishgaikwad, global director of high technology execution business of Honeywell process control department, said: "A deep understanding of the past operation performance of the factory is very important to maximize enterprise benefits and improve safety. Due to the handling, reliability and efficiency of FA's wa to FB's WB. The purpose of unity processstudio is to help engineers understand these data faster and easier. When the industrial drive system is over-voltage, engineers can run basic functions, such as trend analysis, with just a few clicks of the mouse, so that engineers can Spend more time analyzing processes rather than operating tools. "

for engineers, it is very easy to use uniformity processstudio for trend analysis. First select labels from uniformity PhD, and then use the drag and drop function to insert labels into the trend chart. Many frequently used option functions, such as selecting trend time and sampling method, can be realized through a simple drop-down menu

uniformity processstudio also provides various trend types, including single scale, XY correlation and histogram. Multidirectional graph enables engineers to see the development status of various trends, so it is easy to monitor the status of multiple processes or equipment at the same time

in addition, the chart of the program is based on Honeywell's hmiweb technology, and the Experion process knowledge system (PK speed regulation range can reach 0.0005, and most plastic processing enterprises are mainly made in China ⑵ 5 mm/mins) also adopts this technology. This enables the charts used in experience to be copied to unity processstudio, so that engineers do not need to spend time making duplicate charts

uniformity processstudio can also help users regularly organize labels, trends, charts and other items in their personal and shared workspaces, so that users can find relevant information more easily. These workspaces are not limited to the historical information of the equipment; Users can use web page connections, applications, and various files. With this approach, engineers don't have to constantly convert between uniformity processstudio and Internet browsers

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