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Honeywell RMG company launched the latest flow computer, which helps to more intuitively measure the conversion of natural gas volume

on November 6, 2013, Beijing, China, Honeywell (nyse:hon) RMG company launched erz2000 natural gas flow computer and gas volume correction instrument today, providing a more reliable and intuitive solution for the conversion of natural gas volume in metering and secondary metering applications

the new flow computer adopts a new graphical touch user interface, which not only helps the gas distribution, transportation and storage service organization to accurately measure the gas flow, correct the measured value and calculate the energy consumption, but also provides all the data in line with the standard protocol. The computer has been certified by the EU Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), and is a gas volume and calorific value correction instrument for natural gas storage and handover measurement. The device can be easily integrated into the gas valve group application of the cabinet, and the data recorder and controller need to be replaced at one time together with the gas chromatograph and flow computer

the new intuitive human machine interface (HMI) is equipped with a touch screen, and the operator can operate it with gloves and a stylus. The remote maintenance software cocoa detects the yield strength, tensile (compression, bending) strength, elongation, non proportional strength, elastic modulus and other parameters of materials to control the on-site visits, so as to reduce the project startup and maintenance time. The operator can also choose an external keyboard with USB interface

frank, general manager of RMG gas measurement? Frank Michels said: erz2000-ng has the consistent reliability of Honeywell RMG products, and it also significantly improves the use experience of field operators

erz 2000-ng can be used in conjunction with a variety of gas flowmeters, including turbine flowmeter, vortex street flowmeter, ultrasonic gas flowmeter, rotary volumetric flowmeter and orifice flowmeter. The flow computer can use a series of communication protocols to accurately transmit data to the monitoring and data acquisition system (SCADA), enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and data collection system. It is equipped with two Ethernet sockets (RJ45) at the same time, which can communicate with different IP networks to better ensure the addition of nanoparticles to epoxy resin, greatly improve the conductivity of the panel, ensure the safety of the whole system, and eliminate the impact of remote reading

erz 2000-ng, as a general instrument, is applicable to all measurement work of gas metering station. The product has a variety of system configuration options: Erz 2002-ng density volume regular power transmission converter, Erz 2004-ng state volume converter, Erz 2104-ng state calorific value volume converter, Erz 2102-ng density calorific value volume converter and Erz 2014/2114-ng effective pressure gas meter

erz 2000-ng is a gas conversion based on the ideal gas equation of state. Since this equation cannot meet all the requirements of high-precision gas measurement, Erz 2000-ng adopts the determination coefficient K as the correction coefficient from the perspective of the actual gas characteristics. This method can ensure the accuracy and repeatability of measurement to the greatest extent. This device can monitor the limiting factors in the transfer metering of gas storage. When the limit is exceeded, the device will send an alarm and record all alarm information such as parameter changes in the log file

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