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Honeywell will cooperate with Baosteel to build an Internet Factory Shanghai, November 7, 2018 Honeywell announced today that it will cooperate with Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (Baosteel for short) on the application of artificial intelligence such as big data analysis and machine self-learning in the intelligent manufacturing field of the iron and steel industry to jointly build a leading Internet factory

the two sides said that they had reached an agreement on cooperation in many industrial application fields, including production and process optimization and equipment cooperation of cold-rolled steel mills, predictive maintenance of steel pipe production line equipment and product output management, remote equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance of hot-rolled steel mills, and intelligent management of workers, assets and environment. Honeywell will also provide the latest AI technologies and services such as big data analysis and machine self-learning of illite, including intelligent welding machine management system driven by big data, remote equipment monitoring, predictive equipment health management and maintenance, as well as interconnected factory technology such as intelligent wearing equipment and vr/ar simulation equipment

both parties plan to adopt artificial intelligence and big data analysis oriented by interconnected factories to avoid zigzag deformation caused by swing rod compression, edge calculation, machine self-learning and other cutting-edge technologies to assist Baosteel in improving process procedures, improving product grade and yield, and making predictive diagnosis of equipment operation status and potential risks, so as to realize industrial upgrading

Chen Gangyi, general manager of Honeywell China enterprise Zhilian business, said: in the development wave of digital economy, the transformation of manufacturing industry to digital is imminent. We are very honored to combine our technological advantages in the Internet industry with Baosteel's first-class manufacturing capacity to contribute to building an Internet factory

Baosteel said that Honeywell and Baosteel complement each other. It is believed that Honeywell's leading industrial interconnection solutions will open up new dimensional growth points for Baosteel's steel manufacturing and help Baosteel realize industrial and product upgrading and all-round digital transformation. We will jointly promote the application of AI big data analysis in the steel industry

compared with other industrial interconnection solutions, the interconnection factory proposed by Honeywell focuses on thinking from the perspective of bringing benefits to customers. As the main product and technology of this cooperation, Honeywell's intelligent welding machine management system has a closed-loop HPF model system of intelligent welding machine driven by big data. The combination of its three modules of health management, parameter optimization and feedback evaluation can greatly improve the welding quality. More importantly, the system can basically eliminate the downtime of the machine and reduce the welding by half. The largest international rubber and plastic exhibition in Asia opened in Guangzhou on May 20-23, 2015. In addition to the labor input of machine operators, it can also significantly reduce the annual overall cost of each welding machine

Chen Yan, vice president and general manager of Honeywell process control department in Greater China, said: the safety, efficiency and reliability of operation are very important for manufacturing and selecting servo system modeling enterprises. Honeywell Internet factory solution can help manufacturing enterprises make better use of data in actual operation and create an open innovation platform. We are very honored that Baosteel adopts our big data analysis technology and look forward to more results from our cooperation

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