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Become a Chinese style competitor Honeywell supports the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China Xi'an factory is a successful example of Honeywell's local business practice and the strategy of becoming a Chinese style competitor.

for 40 years of reform and opening up, high-quality products have made outstanding contributions to China's fire protection and security industry

constantly improve its own intelligent manufacturing level, It also supports the development of China's manufacturing industry in the direction of intelligence through a series of Internet technologies

on May 6, 2019, Xi'an Honeywell, China today held the 2019 Honeywell China smart factory activity in Xi'an. Since its establishment in 1994, Xi'an factory of Intelligent Building Technology Group has become a successful example of Honeywell's local business practice and Chinese style competitor strategy, and it is the epitome of Honeywell's development in China in the 40 years of reform and opening up. In the future wave of digital economy, Honeywell will work with China to improve intelligent manufacturing through a series of Internet technologies

Honeywell held 2019 Honeywell China smart factory activity in Xi'an today.

after 25 years of development, Xi'an factory has developed into a global production base integrating first-class R & D, manufacturing and service. The high-quality products delivered from this factory to the whole country and even the world, especially fire protection and security products, are widely used in various buildings, including Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Xi'an Terra Cotta Warriors Museum, Guangzhou tower (small Manyao), terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, and Atlantis Sanya Hotel, which have made outstanding contributions to China's fire protection and security cause

in the booming tide of digital economy, Xi'an factory is committed to building an intelligent manufacturing production base with higher management level, automation and informatization level. The manufacturing execution system (MES) being deployed can optimize the management of the whole production process from order placement to product completion through information transmission. When real-time events occur in the factory, it will respond and report in time, And use the current accurate data to guide and deal with them, so that the problem processing efficiency can be improved by 40%, the timely delivery rate can be improved by 3 percentage points, and the customs declaration compliance can reach 100%. The Internet level conference solution currently installed in the factory allows dynamic storage of performance indicators and action tasks, while automatically upgrading problems and assigning tasks. Conference information can be viewed at any time on the mobile terminal, and task lists can be distributed at any time. In addition, the factory is also gradually installing automatic production facilities. For example, automatic welding machines can replace personnel for welding operations, which can reduce the welding defect rate by 20% and increase the production capacity by 150%

Yu Feng, President of Honeywell China, said: over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's economy has achieved unprecedented growth. As a high-tech enterprise deeply rooted in the Chinese market for many years, Honeywell has always practiced the strategy of serving the East and the East serving the world, and has become an organic part of China's economic development. Xi'an factory is Honeywell's local business practice, which has become a successful model of Chinese style competitor strategy. Intelligent manufacturing is one of the hot topics at the two sessions this year. Honeywell not only continues to improve its intelligence, these Plexiglas components have other potential benefits, but also hopes to support the development of China's manufacturing industry in the direction of intelligence through a series of advanced interconnection technologies

Honeywell is fully integrated into China's booming digital economy development wave, and Xi'an factory is no exception. The factory cooperates with the Shanghai R & D team to launch a star technology enterprise level Zhilian security solution platform (ESS) that integrates fire alarm, video monitoring, electrical safety, emergency evacuation and other systems to the Chinese market, which can help achieve a variety of management, including subsystem event management, emergency command plan management, equipment inspection and maintenance. These words summarize management, risk assessment and management in the language of engineering, It also supports the deployment of private and public clouds. At present, it has been gradually promoted and applied to enterprises, hotels, hospitals and other industries. In addition, through the combination of strong and strong, Honeywell Xiaomi's joint fire alarm can alarm remotely through app, so that civil security can be maintained at all times

Honeywell's development strategy is consistent with China's macro development trend. At present, Honeywell's strategy of focusing on growth opportunities is consistent with the the Belt and Road initiative. By constantly improving the level of local intelligent manufacturing, Honeywell and Chinese leading enterprises go out to jointly develop the third-party market. The fire safety products produced by Xi'an factory are also applied in projects such as Abuja and Lagos airports in Nigeria, Malabo airport in Equatorial Guinea, Nairobi inland port in Kenya, and the headquarters building of Zeman bank in Ethiopia, providing high-quality guarantee and safety escort for the development and construction of local infrastructure

Li Ning, President of Greater China and Asia Pacific of Honeywell intelligent building technology group, said: Honeywell has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Xi'an since the 1990s. Having been associated with Xi'an high tech Zone for 25 years, we have been committed to actively and rapidly promoting localization construction according to market demand, and applying Honeywell's high-tech interconnection technology to our factory. In the future, we will continue to make modest contributions to intelligent manufacturing and industrial innovation and upgrading in Xi'an and China. In the face of the opportunities brought by the the Belt and Road initiative, we also hope to play a more important role

as the first batch of world top 500 enterprises introduced by Xi'an high tech Zone at the beginning of its establishment, Honeywell has a good momentum of development in Xi'an, and has maintained double-digit growth for many years, becoming a successful example of multinational companies' cooperation in Western China. In 2018, the factory output exceeded 12million. The company has maintained no safety accidents for eight years, and the on-time delivery rate of orders has remained above 98.5% since 2017. The inventory has been reduced by 61% from 2010 to 2018, and the per capita output value has increased by 70% from 2010 to 2018

based on these outstanding achievements, Xi'an factory was awarded the world-class certification of Honeywell operation system (HOS) in December 2017, becoming one of the few companies that have won the world-class certification. In September 2018, electrical appliances will fail. The company is not only rated as the 2017 A-level taxpayer in the tax credit rating by the State Administration of Taxation, Shaanxi provincial taxation bureau, It was also rated as one of the top ten foreign-invested enterprises by Xi'an municipal Party committee and Xi'an municipal government in recognition of its leading and exemplary role

Xi'an factory is the epitome of Honeywell's development in China. In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, especially in the past 15 years, Honeywell has developed rapidly in China. From 2004 to 2018, Honeywell's revenue in China increased more than sixfold. China has become the largest market outside Honeywell's U.S. market and the embodiment of scientific research institutions' entry and strong enterprise alliance. At present, Honeywell is committed to deeply integrating the physical world and the digital world, and working with China to improve intelligent manufacturing with innovative technologies, services and comprehensive solutions

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