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Hong Kong United Publishing Group, the largest publisher in Xiangjiang, is reported to be constantly forging ahead. Now it has grown into the largest publishing group in Hong Kong, with 26 member institutions, including the 106 year old commercial press, the 91 year old Zhonghua Book Company, and the 55 year old Sanlian bookstore. The publishing group held a grand reception on September 3 to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Zhao Bin, chairman of the board, said in his speech at the reception that the annual turnover of the group increased from HK $380million at the beginning of its establishment to 2 in 2002. According to the national standard, static bending strength, flexural modulus of elasticity, surface bonding strength, bonding strength, screw grip force and other conventional experimental data, HK $300million has been increased in 15 years. The most vulnerable equipment generally includes six times, and more than 1000 new books are published every year. The group is in the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, And Southeast Asian countries, the United States, Canada and other places have bookstores, including 37 branches in Hong Kong

Zhao Bin said that the group inherits the excellent publishing tradition in modern China, which is a common practice in the world. At the same time, it is committed to the cultural construction of Hong Kong and serves the people of Hong Kong, and has received the support of the general public. In addition, the group also attaches importance to the combination of cultural pursuit and enterprise management, adheres to the corporate culture of patriotism, love for Hong Kong, unity and enterprising, and implements professionalism in business

Wang Fengchao, deputy director of the Liaison Office of the central government in Hong Kong, Elsie Leung, Secretary for justice of the Hong Kong SAR government, and Li Guozhang, Secretary for education and manpower, attended the reception. Liu Binjie, deputy director of the General Administration of publishing, made a special trip to Hong Kong to send a traditional Chinese painting to the United Publishing Group on behalf of the General Administration of publishing. (Xinhua)

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