China will become the world's largest market for p

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China will become the world's largest market for plastic bottles of drugs

according to experts' statistics on the development of the existing pharmaceutical field, the application of plastic packaging in the pharmaceutical industry has almost occupied most of the market. With the continuous improvement of plastic materials, pharmaceutical machinery and safety standards, there will be a lot of room for the development of plastic packaging in medicine in the future

the pharmaceutical packaging industry currently accounts for 10% of the total domestic packaging output value, and now the pharmaceutical packaging market is still developing, which is the internal driving force for manufacturers in the entire pharmaceutical bottle production field. For the pharmaceutical bottle market, the market share of plastic pharmaceutical bottles has been rising in recent years. Due to some defects in the packaging of honey, the market share of traditional glass medical bottles is rapidly compressed. The number of manufacturers engaged in the production of glass medical bottles is now far less than that of plastic medical bottles

there are three main reasons why new materials are large but not strong: 1. The support and guarantee ability is weak. It is expected that in the next few years, the world's drug packaging market will become the second pillar of the economic growth of the plastic bottle packaging industry. Qinghai hengxinrong lithium industry's 20000 ton lithium carbonate production line was put into trial production in November 2017, and will also become the fastest-growing pharmaceutical plastic bottle industry in China. In about five years, China will become the world's largest market for pharmaceutical plastic bottles

knowing the above development opportunities, a group of pharmaceutical machinery enterprises represented by South China pharmaceutical machinery have stepped up their research. In addition to the in-depth development of plastic environmental protection and drug packaging safety, they also hope to create new breakthroughs in packaging forms. Let's look forward to it

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