China will become the largest consumer market in A

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China will become the largest consumer market in Asia

it is reported that the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan held a meeting on the 19th to review the industrial structure of organic materials, materials for connecting machine of non fatigue loading experiment control module, metal materials and other materials used as brake pad materials, which have realized the utilization of the market, and put forward the key points of the 2010 trade white paper

it is said that by 2018, China's consumer market will surpass Japan, and the overall consumption scale in Asia will be three times that of Japan; At the same time, it is emphasized that whether Japan can obtain more shares in emerging markets will be the key to Japan's economic growth. 1. The pressure control system is mainly composed of pressure source, pressurized pipeline and electrical control. It also lists the problems that Asia must overcome by 2030, such as the reduction of industrial population and environment and energy

the main point is that the consumption scale in Asia was 6.79 trillion yen in 2008, which is expected to expand to 13.6 trillion yen in 2018, surpassing the EU and directly approaching the United States, and China will become the largest consumer market in Asia

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