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In 2020, China will become a publishing power. The publishing industry is a traditional and mature industry. Since the reform and opening up, especially since the 16th CPC National Congress, it has accelerated the transformation of enterprises and embarked on the industrial development track earlier, and is the main force of the cultural industry

by the end of the eleventh five year plan, it will provide more than 560000 kinds of products every year, publish 7.17 billion books, more than 50 billion newspapers, 3.54 billion magazines, 443 million electronic audio-visual products and hundreds of billions of yuan of color disharmonious word publishing (including online publishing) products. Compared with similar international industries, the publishing and distribution of books and newspapers in China ranks first in all countries, electronic publishing ranks second in all countries, and the printing [encyclopedia Weibo] industry ranks third in the world. However, the per capita consumption of printing and reproduction products is less than half that of developed countries, and the development potential should also be great

according to the calculation, by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the total output of the whole industry will be 2940 billion yuan, and the added value will be 844 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 19.2%. The overall plan and 11 sub industry plans have been formulated around this goal

in accelerating the development of cultural industry, we are focusing on four aspects

first, adhere to deepening the reform of the cultural system and cultivate new market players, development players and management players. Cultivating market players through enterprise restructuring is the cornerstone of the development of cultural industry. At the same time, we should deepen the reform of the administrative system and strengthen the construction of intermediary organizations in the industry, so that the main functions of the management of the cultural industry can be more in place, and the macro industry can be run and managed according to the requirements of the industry

second, adhere to the transformation of development mode, make full use of high and new technology to transform the traditional publishing industry, and vigorously develop new media and new formats. Develop new media, new carriers and new platforms, upgrade the technology, and vigorously cultivate digital publishing bases, music production bases, digital printing parks, etc., so as to become a new growth point for the development of industries in the 12th Five Year Plan

third, adhere to structural adjustment and realize the rational layout of the cultural industry. In combination with deepening the reform of the cultural system and continuing to increase efforts to adjust the structure, it is necessary to expand, reorganize and eliminate a batch in accordance with the requirements of developing large enterprise groups, supporting professional companies, retaining small characteristic clubs, factories and stores, and coordinating the development of regions, so as to make the structure and layout of publishing and copyright industries more suitable for the requirements of the great development of the cultural industry

IV C. inter laboratory comparison; It is to adhere to and improve the cultural industry policy and create a good development environment. We have formulated more than 20 policies to support development, providing specific policy support for industrial development from the aspects of supporting listing, investment and financing, and encouraging social capital investment. In the future, we will further adjust the existing policy pattern of investment, consumption, export and domestic and international market development, so that the industry can be promoted as a whole and become bigger, stronger and better as soon as possible

The 12th Five Year Plan period is a critical period for the publishing industry to deepen reform and accelerate development. The general idea is to make contributions to promoting the cultural industry to become a pillar industry of the national economy, and realize the goal of building a publishing power in two steps

the first step is to lay a solid foundation for achieving the goal of building a publishing power through efforts during the 12th Five Year Plan period; The second step is to build a publishing power in 2020 in another five years, so that the transformation of the development mode of the publishing industry is basically in place

in order to achieve the above goals, the publishing system has formulated implementation measures. First, continue to deepen reform. Accelerate the reform of publishing units that have completed the transformation, improve the corporate governance structure as soon as possible, and establish a modern enterprise system; Support qualified publishing and media (9.57,0.00,0.00%) enterprises to go public for financing; Comprehensively accelerate the transformation of non current affairs newspaper and periodical publishing units into enterprises. Is your experimental machine controlled by microcomputer or manually read the dial? Answer: manual disk reading system. Second, implement the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan and accelerate industrial development. Taking cultivating new growth poles as the starting point, promote the publishing industry base, which will help to reduce the total depth of the bridge superstructure and the construction of industrial parks and industrial belts; Further improve the policy system for industrial development and continue to strengthen strategic cooperation with financial institutions and local governments; Study the intangible assets evaluation system in the publishing field and revitalize the intangible assets of the publishing industry; Third, strengthen industry management. We should strengthen the guidance of creative production and ensure the publication of more excellent works from the source. Adhere to reform and development and public opinion guidance on the one hand; On the one hand, we should pay attention to public welfare undertakings and industrial revitalization; Pay attention to service and management on the one hand

the 12th Five Year Plan period is the key five years for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and for building a publishing power. We must live up to the expectations of the Central Committee and do our work this year in a more pragmatic and innovative spirit

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