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Development status of China's carton packaging industry since 1995, China's carton packaging industry has always ranked third in the world in terms of carton and paperboard output, second only to the United States and Japan. The output reached 14.8 billion m in 2002 and 15.8 billion m in 2003, surpassing Japan and second only to the United States. It is predicted that from 2005 to 2008, the annual consumption of corrugated board in China will reach 20billion m, which is rare. However, the key issue supporting the development of an industry is not quantity, but quality and level. The domestic carton production level is relatively low, which can be strongly proved by the production linearity and the market share of suppliers. After 2000, the technical level of the domestic corrugated board production line and the corrugated printing machine has been greatly improved. The corrugated board production line generally shows that the operation width is ≥ 2m, the operation speed is ≥ 150m/min, the weight of the base paper is ≤ 100g, and the chromatic accuracy of the corrugated printing machine reaches +-0.5mm. The domestic equipment has basically introduced the synchronous control technology and the application of a large number of components, and the operation automation level has been greatly improved. However, compared with the international standard equipment with a width of 2.5-2.8m and a speed ≥ 300m/min, there is still a big gap. In fact, domestic corrugated production equipment occupies the vast majority of the domestic market, which is respectively occupied by several large domestic equipment manufacturers, such as hubeijingshan, Guangdong Zhaoqing Portman Jialong, Capital Airlines Wanyuan, Yantai Xinda, Chengdu Feida, Nanhai Dongfang, Shanghai Dinglong, etc. These domestic equipment manufacturers occupy about 97% of the market share in the corrugated board production line and about 60% of the market share in the corrugated printing press

at present, when the corrugated box is developing towards the direction of high strength, low gram weight, multi-color, multi batch and small batch, how the domestic corrugated box industry comes out of a low-level vicious competition has been related to the strategy of the domestic corrugated box industry to compete with the international carton manufacturing enterprises. Since 2005, China's accession to the WTO has entered the stage of substantial opening up, although the country has taken various measures to slow down. The footsteps of the wolf came, but we still have to face it in the end. Foreign capital has started to enter the packaging field in some important raw material supply chain links. In recent years, multinational companies such as Tetra Pak in Sweden almost occupied the domestic market of sterile beverage packaging materials, so that in 2004, there was a wave of anti-virus in China. Tetra Pak monopoly. In terms of base paper supply, international giants have also rushed to China. For example, international Jifeng paper, international paper, Asia Pulp, Taiwan yongfengyu, etc. should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is in the vertical sea, Jiangsu and other places for different degrees of investment, in order to occupy a preemptive position from the upstream market of packaging raw material supply. At the end of 2004, international Jifeng paper merged the two corrugated box factories of international paper in Guangzhou and Chengdu, International Jifeng paper will have 5 carton joint ventures in China (located in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, Dalian and Shenyang, respectively; almost at the same time, Asian pulp and paper also announced that it would invest 16billion yuan in Hainan to build the world's largest paper and paper products manufacturing plant. The so-called business war was moved by the wind. If the owners of carton Enterprises still cling to that kind of manual work under the market conditions of such great domestic and international pressure, it would only be shown if they chose to use it.) Whether there is numerical display of coherent information such as large deformation (displayed only if it is selected to be used) in the process of re experiment; Check whether the deformation sensor selection and curve display coordinates of the experimental scheme are correct. The workshop mode will probably be no longer far from bankruptcy

what is the way for China to realize the fundamental transformation from a big corrugated country to a powerful corrugated country? The author believes that the reorganization of corrugated enterprises, the construction of a modern enterprise system, to. The win-win principle is the only way to maximize the use of resources

at present, there is a seemingly true market rule in the industry, which is. Centralized board and decentralized box. The author questions this, because it is a temporary and restraining phenomenon that is not really from the height of market strategy. With the idea of getting rid of difficulties, domestic box making enterprises are already very scattered, again "What is the degree of decentralization? Moreover, one of the important reasons for the low level of domestic carton enterprises is that the number of carton making enterprises is so large that it is difficult to coordinate the interests, resulting in vicious competition. Centralized board making and decentralized carton making are one of the guiding ideas in the period of industrial structure adjustment, which has its scientific side. Because it can overcome the repeated investment of small and comprehensive, large and comprehensive. However Yes, up to now, the fate of carton enterprises is not determined by some factors within the industry itself. It is influenced by the strategy of resource restructuring under the background of social market. Without establishing a scientific and reasonable enterprise system and seeking the optimal allocation of resources in the market supply chain, any internal division of labor will be on paper.. Centralized board making and decentralized box making are a kind of patchwork improvement idea. Under the condition that the level of the whole industry is low and vicious competition has formed, what role can division of labor play in promoting? The big deal is to curb that kind of blind investment behavior. In fact, the improvement of domestic carton enterprises largely depends on their own technology improvement and the ability to seek external new technologies, funds and manpower. Blood transfusion cooperation. It is a general trend for the carton industry to implement large-scale resource integration, This is not just because "The reason for the arrival of the wolf is more determined by the overall situation of the carton enterprise. The pre printing of cartons has become the mainstream of mass carton production, which will greatly improve the production level of cartons.

pre printing of cartons means that before the production of corrugated cardboard, the printed roll paper is first printed from roll to roll, and then the printed roll paper is sent to the face paper station of the corrugated paper machine. The first step is to complete the tile making and veneering, a color tile plate and a the first mock examination in operation Slotting a gluing box/nail box. The advantages of pre printing are: color boxes with high quality and high sensory effect can be obtained; Protecting the corrugated box can make the corrugated box obtain higher strength; Pre printing in developed countries in Europe and the United States is usually carried out by satellite flexo printing machine. After the machine is debugged, we will give customers technical training. The brush is green and environmentally friendly; It can improve the production efficiency of the automatic corrugated box production line; It can meet the needs of short construction period and large output; Convenient for production management

carton preprinting has developed rapidly in China in the past two years. With the introduction of domestic gravure printing machines for carton preprinting by some domestic equipment manufacturers, preprinting has gained a broad consensus in China. The industry generally believes that pre printing is an important way for high-end color carton printing. Preprint has obvious advantages in completing large quantities (usually more than 100000) of long version live parts. Of course, the actual application of pre printing will require appropriate transformation of the traditional corrugated production line. As for the pre printing is to use flexo printing or gravure printing, there are different voices in the industry. According to the current application of some preprint production lines, gravure printing seems to be a preprint method more suitable for China's national conditions. However, gravure printing has a disadvantage that the ink it uses is usually non environmentally friendly ink containing benzene, and its plate making cost is usually higher than flexo printing. The environmental protection of flexo printing is recognized by the industry, and in developed countries in Europe and the United States, most of the pre printing of cartons use satellite flexo printing machines. However, the satellite flexographic printing press and its relatively difficult supplies have to a large extent deterred most domestic carton manufacturers. At present, almost all the satellite flexo e08u machines are imported, and their prices are 3 to 4 times that of domestic gravure printing machines, which is undoubtedly an embarrassment for the domestic carton manufacturers who are already quite scattered and generally small in scale. Looking at the internationalization trend, however, they have to face the actual national conditions and the situation of the enterprises themselves, which directly leads to the fact that some domestic carton enterprises with large batch order capacity have to succumb to the reality and directly choose the gravure carton prepress machine of domestic manufacturers. However, it is believed that this is only an expedient measure for domestic carton enterprises. Because environmental protection is the trend of packaging in the future, with the formulation of China's "packaging law" and the introduction of relevant policies such as circular economy, the enterprises may not have the final say in the printing method of packaging goods, and the impact of the policy may overturn all the practical choices overnight. Moreover, fundamentally speaking, only packaging that is really suitable for the improvement of social economy and people's quality of life is long-term, and environmental protection is a recognized development trend

cultivating carton senior management talents in a real sense is the top priority of carton human resources development

human resources is an issue that any industry must pay attention to, and the carton industry is inseparable from the cultivation of professional carton talents. In the final analysis, China's corrugated box industry should rely on talents to become bigger, especially stronger. At present, many colleges and universities in China have set up single-chip computer units connected with amplifiers. Major in packaging engineering, with bachelor degree, master degree and doctor degree. Such as Beijing Institute of printing, Xi'an University of technology, Dalian Institute of light industry, Guangzhou Institute of light industry, etc. Recently, Jinan University has hired experts such as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to invest and establish a packaging Engineering Research Institute in Zhuhai, aiming to cultivate professionals for the packaging industry in Guangdong and even China. These are good phenomena, at least indicating that the academic circles attach importance to the packaging industry. However, it is undeniable that the current training of packaging engineering talents in Colleges and universities focuses on theory, and application-oriented talents with strong practical operation ability can not be directly born from colleges and universities. Many college graduates majoring in packaging engineering only get a diploma, and their actual working ability is quite limited. Some carton enterprises have recruited these graduates, and they often work at the grass-roots level for 2 to 3 years. This can also be seen as the retraining of college graduates within carton enterprises, indicating that the current carton training is actually a very weak link. Although the China Packaging Federation and local packaging or printing associations have opened and are still offering some short-term carton training courses from time to time, they are relatively backward in terms of teachers, progressiveness, scientific and systematic courses, and training concepts. To be exact, it is only limited to the operational training of the primary carton production level, which is far from the international first-class carton professional packaging training

fortunately, professional packaging vocational training companies such as Beijing SINOSURE AXA technology training Co., Ltd. have emerged. As the China Representative Office of the Royal Packaging Institute (10p), AXA training not only received the full technical support from the Royal Packaging Institute (10p) and the British processing and Packaging Machinery Association (ppma), but also passed the certification of the British I nvestor 1 N peo-p1 e organization and became a member of its organization. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to training high-quality packaging professionals, providing professional technical consulting and overall packaging solutions for enterprises, and making every effort to build brand training in the packaging industry, so as to promote the development of the packaging industry and improve the overall professional level of the industry. To this end, "AXA training L" has been successfully launched with active efforts

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