Development status of Anhui packaging industry

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After the establishment of Anhui Packaging Technology Association in 1984, under the leadership of the provincial Economic Commission, and actively relying on the previous research of governments at all levels, Anhui Packaging Technology Association has tried to integrate 6 Save the experimental data and add metal particles or carbon nanotubes to improve the conductivity of structural adhesive bonding. With the support of relevant departments, the packaging industry has achieved rapid development in the past 19 years. In 1984, the output value of the packaging industry was 2.8 billion yuan, reaching 7.1 billion yuan in 2002. If less than 1million yuan and township packaging enterprises are included, it can exceed 10 billion yuan. Taking Hefei as an example, the output value of packaging enterprises has exceeded 3billion yuan. In 1984, there were about 100 packaging enterprises. With the promotion of the market economy and the efforts of all parties, more than 1500 packaging enterprises have been established, transformed, merged, concurrently operated, jointly invested and introduced, with more than 70000 employees. Packaging enterprises with a certain scale have risen one after another. According to the output value, there are more than 30 enterprises with an annual output value of more than 30million yuan, including nearly 10 enterprises with an annual output value of about 100million yuan. The categories of packaging products increased. After the "sixth five year plan", "Seventh Five Year Plan" and "Eighth Five Year Plan", there are more than 50 new packaging products and new materials to fill the gap in the province, basically reaching a complete range of categories because people-oriented. Nearly 100 sets of equipment have been transformed, updated and introduced, with an investment of nearly 1billion yuan in all aspects (including more than 100million yuan handled by the Provincial Packaging Association), mainly including plastic woven bags, corrugated paper machines, BOPP two-way stretched polypropylene film (more than 30000 tons), multi-layer coextrusion film (20000 tons), vacuum aluminum plating (more than 10000 tons), 6-10 color printing production lines and equipment, which have promoted the development of packaging machinery industry and changed the backwardness

the packaging and decoration design was generally enhanced. The packaging and decoration of famous and high-quality products with characteristics in the province, such as tobacco, wine, tea, local products, new products and export commodities, has reached a high level, achieving the functions of fresh-keeping, promotion, added value, convenient consumption and economic development

Township packaging enterprises have sprung up one after another. It has played a great role in solving the packaging of agriculture, animal husbandry, sideline and fishery, such as tangshanli, apples and various fruits and vegetables in some areas, facilitating the outward transportation of farmers and improving the rural economic situation

through the re exhibition of the provincial packaging inspection, the parallel rewards and punishments, and the packaging improvement into the normal work, the losses caused by the poor packaging of 26 categories of commodities were solved, especially the centralized transportation of cement, fertilizer and flat glass, and the losses were minimized

the development of Anhui packaging industry is inseparable from the work of Anhui Packaging Association. After the establishment of Anhui Packaging Association, with industry management and main axis, Anhui Packaging Association has continuously held various meetings to discuss packaging plans; With the service as the purpose, the company provides information for the enterprise enthusiastically, helps the enterprise solve problems, sets up a good image of the outsourcing Association, and enhances the cohesion and attraction of the outsourcing Association

the Provincial Packaging Association has successively formulated the plan from the "sixth five year plan" to the "Ninth Five Year Plan" to guide enterprises to develop products lacking in the province. Driven by the market economy, the packaging industry has made great development. In terms of output value, the "Seventh Five Year Plan" and "Eighth Five Year Plan" have developed fastest, with annual growth rates of 19% and 18% respectively. The Provincial Packaging Association has continuously carried out industry activities and established seven professional committees, which have played a certain role in developing the packaging industry, formulating plans, exchanging information, preventing blind development and repeated introduction, as well as in industry selection, unified pricing, formulating conventions and avoiding blind competition. Some enterprises reported that "the packaging Association has done some good things for us that we want to do but cannot do."

the association has carried out talent training, held many training courses and exchange meetings on carton technology, adhesive technology, bar code technology, and held technical training, evaluation and exchange meetings on 200L steel drums, ton bagging, cement bags and some plastic products. These activities are very popular with enterprises. The association provides enterprises with matchmaking and communication channels, provides enterprises with materials and information free of charge, helps to research product development, equipment selection, equipment adjustment and recommend talents, and holds many seminars and conferences, which are deeply supported by enterprises

the association has compiled one and two of the packaging standards and related materials, and issued Anhui packaging, Anhui packaging consulting and related pamphlets such as the calculation method of paper products free of charge. The enterprise said: "we can't find any information in many aspects. The packaging Association has compiled it for us." In terms of issuing production licenses, the company has successively completed the general survey, review, license issuance, re inspection of flexible container bags, 200L steel drums and corrugated boxes, and the sampling inspection of cement packaging bags. Because of the good organization and the right method, it also provides relevant information for the enterprise, and allows the enterprise to conduct self-examination first, so that these large-scale, wide-ranging and complex work can be successfully completed

the association has also carried out quality certification of packaging products. In order to promote the enterprise to improve management and improve quality, it is necessary to promote the enterprise to connect with many international and domestic medical device segmentation industries, and publicize that the enterprise attaches importance to product quality certification and quality system certification. At present, most of the larger packaging enterprises have been approved through efforts, which plays a great role in improving management and quality. The association also organizes enterprises to visit, participate in packaging exhibitions and visit abroad to broaden their horizons and find business opportunities

China's packaging industry has developed at an unprecedented speed, which is difficult for some countries to compare. However, the development of science and technology in the world is changing with each passing day. To catch up with the world's advanced level and go global, it still lacks competitiveness; It is more difficult to become one of the world's packaging powers. Anhui, for example, should redouble its efforts. In order to improve the market economy, the state has deepened the reform of the administrative system and institutions. Looking forward to the future, the association will still have its importance. Packaging is still a sunrise industry and the embodiment of the country's spiritual and material civilization. The work of the packaging Association has a long way to go. There are still many problems worth discussing: how to keep up with the world packaging trends and promote the packaging industry to a new level? How to accelerate technological innovation, develop new products, create famous brands and go global? How to strengthen industry management to adapt to adjustment, transformation and competition? How to implement intensive integration, joint development and take the road of collectivization to give full play to advantages? How to develop green packaging products and strengthen the recycling of packaging waste? How to broaden the rural packaging market to expand the supply and demand of packaging products? All this and so on need further study and in-depth solution. At present, the following work needs to be done:

first, some need support from the state and local governments or policy support

second, on the basis of investigation and research, contracting associations at all levels should put forward suggestions to the government and give guidance to enterprises

third, colleagues engaged in the packaging industry should not only see the achievements and meet the current situation, but should be ambitious, look to the future and strive for development

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