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Development status and trend of wind power + energy storage in 2020

the development of wind storage projects is still in its infancy, but with the passage of time, "new energy + energy storage" mode will be more common. Up to now, only a few wind storage projects in the market have clear profit scenarios, and the impact of driving factors other than economy on wind storage projects is also increasing day by day. In this report, Bloomberg new energy finance deeply analyzes the development process of wind power energy storage, and points out the popularization of wind power + energy storage mode

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although the heat of wind storage is rising, the market development is still slow. The three largest wind storage markets in the world are the United States, South Korea and Australia, but their energy storage deployment scale is less than 200MW. The three key driving forces for the development of wind power + energy storage projects are subsidies, demonstration projects and reducing power abandonment. The energy storage duration is usually between 30 minutes and 2 hours, and the energy storage configuration scale is mostly lower than 15% of the project scale.

under the current market structure and compensation mechanism, wind storage projects are usually not economical. The wind storage project lacks a universally applicable business model. The optical storage project can be compensated by participating in the capacity market and reducing power abandonment, but it is difficult for the wind storage assets to obtain income from the above channels, which are continuously squeezed by the screw extruder. Because wind power output is difficult to predict, electrochemical energy storage is not an ideal energy storage option. In only a few markets, wind storage projects have formed a viable business model

although the development of wind storage has been slow so far, with the continuous change of power requirements, the continuous emergence of supporting policies and the increasing improvement of economy, the wind storage market is expected to usher in growth in the future. While the penetration rate of renewable energy power is rising rapidly, wind power projects will undertake more systematic balance. Under the dual pressures of rising financial risks and tightening power requirements, energy storage may become the "standard configuration" of many new wind power projects. The change of market mechanism is also conducive to enhancing the value of "new energy + energy storage" projects and reducing the threshold of market access

the recent development opportunities of wind storage projects come from micro power projects and support policies of some markets. The United States and China have sufficient reserves. Developers and wind power plant manufacturers have also deployed Zhengwei, the China tire testing business manager of Beijing Branch of two Nande certification and testing (China) Co., Ltd., to say that the market is large, so as to obtain the first mover advantage. During the year, wind storage projects will become more and more common in mainstream application scenarios


as of 2019, Cumulative deployment scale of global wind storage projects to prevent rusting and protect bright energy

0.6 hours

average energy storage duration of wind storage projects in the United States

5% - 15%

energy storage allocation ratio in the combined wind power + energy storage co site Project

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