The top ten Chinese good drivers will be announced

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The top ten Chinese good drivers will be announced soon after winning with technology and persuading people with virtue

the top ten Chinese good drivers will be announced soon after winning with technology and persuading people with virtue

China Construction Machinery trust has repeatedly won awards for excellence in technical standards

after the successful completion of the eight month urban training camp, on November 2-4, the "China's good driver" high salt grain as a thickener in the 3D printing process will be grandly held in Linyi, Shandong Province, 180 advanced students from 10 cities across the country will gather at Shandong temporary work headquarters to compete for the honorary title of "top ten good drivers of the year" through skill competition and moral display

2014 "China's good driver" urban training camp was successfully held in Changsha. In combination with the urban training camp, more public welfare activities were added, including fund-raising, rescue, voluntary blood donation, rescue training and other projects, highlighting the public welfare color of "China's good driver". Since the event was launched on February 26, it has been held in 10 cities including Changsha, Zunyi, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Hefei, Changzhou, Weifang, Harbin, Shenyang and Chengdu. The number of good drivers has increased by more than 3000 compared with last year. More than 6000 engineering robots cover more provinces and cities. Their footprints are all over the country. More than 95% of the students have successfully passed the exam and obtained certificates

During the theoretical training of "China's good driver" urban training camp, the trainees listened carefully to the practical test site of the "China's good driver" urban training camp, and the "2014" China's good driver "was comprehensively upgraded in terms of organizational form, activity content and social influence. On the basis of continuing the free training and assessment, in order to make the trainees' theoretical knowledge more solid, the training link is specially put in front, so that the trainees have more time to learn and prepare, so as to improve the passing rate of the examination and provide more reliable operators for the industry. In addition, in 2014, "China's good drivers" further inclined to positive energy and public welfare, and optimized the training content and assessment direction especially for those "good drivers" with excellent moral character, outstanding deeds and recognized by surrounding people

it can be said that "China's good driver" covers multiple dimensions such as customer care, industry norms, public welfare actions and social values, creating a precedent for public welfare activities in the industry. In 2014, against the background of the industry recession and the sharp increase in sales pressure, Shandong temporary workers did not change their original intention, continued to promote the "China's good driver" activity, helped grass-roots workers realize their career ideals, spread more positive energy to the society, fully reflected their high sense of commitment to the healthy development of the industry and their sense of mission, as well as the excellent corporate culture of putting benevolence, love and morality into the spirit of the times

now, 180 urban training camp students have come to the fore and entered the advanced training camp. They have been informed that they are gearing up for battle and preparing to make a big splash in the competition in the advanced training camp. Shandong Lingong has prepared rich prizes for this. Who can take the prize home in the end depends on the performance in the training and competition. In the arena full of experts, the brilliance of the final is worth looking forward to

"Chinese good driver" is not only the training and assessment of skills, but also the comprehensive display of excellent virtues. In the event, many grass-roots operators who worked silently stood on the stage and told the truth, goodness and beauty of the most primitive ecology of ordinary workers with their own simple experience - they not only built high-rise buildings, roads and bridges, but also injected infinite positive energy into the society, otherwise it would affect the working performance of the horizontal tension machine. In order to set up a good image for construction machinery practitioners, virtue and good deeds will still be regarded as important basis in the final finals of this advanced training camp. The selected leaders must have both ability and political integrity, and both virtue and art, so that the title of "China's good driver" can be deserved

in order to promote the public welfare action of "China's good driver" on a larger platform, the event organizers decided to hold the "China's good driver" award ceremony on November 25 at the 2014 BMW China, the most influential industry event in the global construction machinery industry. At that time, the winners of the 2014 "top ten good drivers" will be invited to Shanghai to participate in the grand event

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