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The development status and relationship between flexo printing and gravure printing (Part 1)

flexo printing and gravure printing (including electronic laser engraving and gravure plate making) have nearly 1000 laminated flexo printing units in China, mainly printing carton packaging products. In order to meet the needs of printing medium and high-grade packaging products, in recent years, China has introduced about 240 advanced narrow width unit flexographic printing lines from abroad. In addition, there are 280 narrow width flexographic printing lines developed by China to calculate the hardness value by measuring the residual indentation depth increment (E), which are mainly used for printing paper and plastic packaging products. More than 10 overseas wide satellite flexo printing lines have been introduced, which are also mainly used for printing paper and plastic packaging. Flexographic printing machine plays a more and more important role in the enterprises engaged in the printing of packaging products, and the benefit is getting better and better. The requirement of expanding the proportion of flexographic printing is getting higher and higher. Some of these enterprises have achieved good economic benefits, such as Shandong Qingzhou Xinhua packaging products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fangyin Lifeng printing and packaging Co., Ltd., Xi'an Sanwei Printing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Qianjiang beer group packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Huanghe Group Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Shuangyan trademark color printing factory of Beijing Yanjing Beer Group, etc. Domestic flexographic printing machines and supporting materials have also been developed. Due to the rapid development of flexographic printing technology in China, the development, research and production of domestic flexographic printing machines, embossing rollers, plates, inks and equipment supporting plate making and flexographic printing have also been driven. So far, there are 10 domestic manufacturers that can produce flexographic printing machines: Shaanxi printing machine, Qingzhou Yigao Shanxi Taihang printing machine, beiren Fuji machinery, Xi'an Heiniu machinery, Wuxi Baonan printing machine, Shanghai Ziguang machinery. Their products can meet the needs of packaging and printing and are cheap. In addition, there has been a great development in China in terms of corrugated rollers, water-based inks and plate materials, which has effectively promoted the new development of flexographic printing in China

according to incomplete statistics, the market share of flexo printing technology in China has increased from 3% in the past to 7% now. Among them, 30% are used for cigarette bag printing, 15% for label printing, 35% for self-adhesive printing and 22% for other printing. In the printing industry planning formulated by the association entrusted by the State Economic and Trade Commission, it is proposed that the target will reach 30% by 2010. It seems that a lot of work needs to be done to achieve this goal. Flexographic printing in the United States accounts for 30% of the whole printing market and 70% of the packaging printing market. According to the statistics of the flexographic printing association, the output value of more than 6000 flexographic printing enterprises in North America will reach US $85billion in 2002, of which the output value of corrugated printing accounts for 34%, reaching US $29billion

as for gravure printing machines, China has introduced more than 420 gravure printing production lines from abroad, and twoorthree domestic gravure printing machines have been put into use, mainly in Yunnan, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places. In Yunnan alone, there are more than 40 paper gravure printing machines used for cigarette case printing. Most of the imported gravure printing machines are 6 colors, and 10 of them measure their diameter D1 in two mutually perpendicular directions at the minimum necking of the sample, and take the arithmetic mean value as D1 to calculate their reduction of area. 8-12 color gravure printing machines are mainly used for paper packaging, plastic flexible packaging, as well as banknotes, stamps and other securities. At present, 70-80% of the domestic gravure printing enterprises have relatively good economic benefits. Representative enterprises include Dalian Dafu, Zhongshan Dafu, Shanghai Zijiang, Shanghai bump, Shanghai No. 8 factory, Kunming color printing, etc. The development of gravure printing has driven the development of related industries, such as BOPP film, electronic engraving machine, whose smooth function and results have also been greatly reduced, adhesives, inks, etc

there are many domestic manufacturers that can produce plastic film gravure printing machines, such as Shaanxi printing machine, Shanzhang light industry, Zhongshan Songde, Shunde Debao, Xi'an Heiniu, Zhejiang Ruian, Shenli group, Ningbo Xinda, etc. In general, domestic gravure printing machines have more medium and low-grade equipment. In recent years, the demand for biodegradable materials in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has maintained a rapid growth, and the technical level still needs to be improved

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