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Development status and trend of plastic optical fiber industry

at the 2013 optical fiber communication development report meeting, Li Lemin, Chinese Academy of engineering, released a report on "development status and trend of plastic optical fiber industry". He pointed out that at present, China's plastic graphene composites and coatings can also improve sports equipment such as skiing and bicycles. The optical fiber communication industry has the conditions to accelerate its development. It is necessary to strengthen the overall planning and rational layout of these products in different environments and fields. However, our technical team and R & D engineers' ability to actively cooperate with customers for independent innovation needs to be strengthened. There is still a certain gap compared with foreign countries in terms of R & D, production, core technology and key links of optical fiber; In terms of key technologies and products such as optical devices, optical modules and wide-ranging systems, it is necessary to strengthen research and development and achieve technological and industrial breakthroughs. The heavy burden enterprises and leading enterprises in the optical fiber communication industry should increase the investment in technology research and development and technological transformation, and strive to improve the product technology and production process level. These problems require close cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to jointly tackle key problems, and put product manufacturing, operation services and user use into the large industrial chain environment for overall consideration and overall planning

according to the current situation of China's plastic optical fiber industry, the development of national optical fiber industry can be promoted from the following three aspects

first, establish technical standards alliance. Technology Standards Alliance plays an important role in realizing standardization strategy among enterprises, reducing standardization risks and costs, and coordinating the contradiction between technical standards and intellectual property rights

second, strengthen the cooperation between enterprises and the Soviet national optical fiber engineering laboratory. Give full play to the role of the R & D platform of the Soviet national optical fiber engineering laboratory, unite enterprises in the plastic optical fiber communication industry chain through the National Engineering Laboratory, divide responsibilities, break through relevant technical bottlenecks, jointly solve technical difficulties, and jointly develop, so as to promote mutual benefit and common development between enterprises in the industrial chain and supply chain

third, we should work together to deal with international trade barriers. At present, China's plastic optical fiber products are still in the primary stage of "going out". With the increasing export volume of plastic optical fiber products, China will encounter more and more international trade barriers in the future. Domestic enterprises should have corresponding countermeasures and full ideological preparation. Domestic optical fiber enterprises should unite and cooperate to actively protect their legitimate rights and interests under the organization of industry associations

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