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Development status and technical progress of plastic hollow containers in recent 20 years, with the development of national economy, the market demand for plastic hollow containers in various fields in China has always maintained a high growth rate. At the same time, with the endless emergence of new materials, new technologies and new equipment, the product structure of plastic hollow packaging containers in China has also undergone great changes, from the original single small packaging barrels and bottles to multi variety, diversified, large-scale and functional containers

Mr. caimingchi: now he is the executive director of China Packaging Federation, the deputy director and Secretary General of the plastic packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation, the deputy director of the expert committee of China Packaging Federation, and the chief editor of the Department of plastic packaging. In 1992, he founded the journal plastic packaging, edited and reviewed plastic hollow containers and plastic packaging films, and presided over the translation and editing of the book plastic packaging technology in the United States

market status and trend

according to relevant data, in 2004, the output of beverage and hot canned pet bottles in China reached 10billion, the output of HDPE and PP packaging bottles reached 730000 tons, and the total output of all plastic packaging containers (bottles, barrels, boxes) and pallets exceeded 1million tons. Its application fields include beverage, beer, mineral water, medicine, chemical industry, daily cosmetics and automobile fuel tank. Through such a large market, we can see some hot spots and trends

1. There are attractive business opportunities in the plastic beverage bottle Market

the application market of plastic packaging containers has broad prospects. Among them, the beverage industry has attractive business opportunities, and the demand for plastic containers used in beverages such as soft drinks, fruit juices, vegetable juices, etc. is increasing day by day. According to the survey, China's Yu 2 full range conditioner is free of manual adjustment by operators. The range is easy to operate and use. In 2004, the beverage output was about 20.24 million tons, and the annual growth rate in recent years exceeded 20%

pet bottles started relatively late in China's plastic packaging industry, but with the introduction of a large number of injection, drawing and blowing equipment, it has promoted the mass production of PET bottles. With its excellent performance, the 106th China Plastics Fair, jointly supported by 28 provincial and municipal industry associations, has become the most important packaging container for beverages and edible oil. In particular, the application proportion in the packaging of carbonated beverages has reached 57.4%, and the market prospect is very promising. In addition, the demand for PET bottles in cosmetics, medicine and other industries is also increasing. It is worth mentioning that, with the sudden emergence of the domestic tea beverage market, its output has reached 3million tons. The hot filled PET bottle (resistant to 85 ℃ ~90 ℃) has become the fastest growing variety among polyester bottles, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. At present, the enterprises with large PET bottle output in the industry include Zhuhai Zhongfu and Shanghai Zijiang group, which respectively occupy 30% and 20% of the domestic PET bottle market share

The development of transparent polypropylene packaging bottle is a hot spot in the plastic packaging industry at home and abroad in recent years. With the successful development of transparent modifier nucleating agent, 0.1%~0.4% sorbitol xylene (benzaldehyde) nucleating agent (such as mil lad3988 of American merican company) is added to ordinary PP, and high transparent PP packaging bottles can be produced by blowing, drawing, injection, extrusion and other methods. The product can be widely used as beverage bottle (cup), heat-resistant container, food and medicine bottle, etc. because its price is cheaper than pet, PS, ABS and PE, it has a broad market prospect

2. The application of beer plastic packaging bottle has been in the spring.

China is a large beer producing country, with an annual output of 23.86 million tons, ranking first in the world. According to calculation, such a high output makes China need 25-30 billion beer bottles every year. Because the polyester bottle is light and can avoid the danger caused by explosion, the polyester bottle has a broad market space in replacing the glass bottle. However, beer is different from ordinary carbonated beverages. Even a small amount of oxygen entering the packaging container will change the taste of beer, and the loss of CO2 in beer will also affect the characteristics of foam. In addition, 95% of beer in China is produced by pasteurization, which requires that the packaging bottle not only have good barrier property, but also be able to withstand the temperature of 62 ℃ ~67 ℃. However, ordinary PET bottles are difficult to meet the requirements of beer for freshness, shelf life and temperature resistance. In order to improve the barrier performance and temperature resistance of PET bottles, the current international common practice is to use the coating technology (plasma technology) of PET bottles. Due to the 0.21mm thick carbon layer coated on the inner wall of PET bottles, the permeability of PET bottles is almost the same as that of glass, and can withstand the high temperature during sterilization

in addition, the new PET bottle of polyethylene naphthalate (pen) that has emerged in recent years has also attracted the attention of the packaging industry and is stepping into the beer packaging industry. The molecular structure of pen is similar to that of pet. Because the benzene ring is replaced by naphthalene ring, pen has excellent impermeability, UV resistance linearity and heat resistance (the thermal change temperature of amorphous pen is 100 ℃, while that of pet is only 70 ℃), so pen bottle can be used as an excellent beer packaging container. However, pen resin can not be self-sufficient in China at present, so it can only be imported from abroad, and the price of imported resin is five times that of pet, which seriously hinders the application of pen. However, China is rich in coal tar (naphthalene can be separated) resources, that is, it has unique conditions to realize the industrial production of pen. It is believed that in the near future, pen bottles will enter the field of beer packaging in a large number in China

3. Market of drinking water bottles (barrels)

at present, the output of bottled water in China has reached 5.54 million tons, and after years of competition, large-scale production has been formed, and a number of strong enterprises have emerged, such as Wahaha, Le Xiang, and so on. With the increasing variety of bottled water (now there are mineral water, distilled water, active water, oxygen enriched water, space water and other varieties) and the development of branding, they put forward higher and higher requirements for the quality of their packaging bottles. Therefore, drinking water bottle has a bright market prospect in China

in addition, in recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, purified drinking water has entered thousands of households in China, and the demand has increased year by year. At present, the 5-gallon drinking water buckets on the market are mainly PC and pet buckets. According to statistics, in 2003, there were more than 100 PC barrel production lines in China. Based on the production capacity of each production line of about 200000, the national output of drinking water barrels reached more than 20 million in 2003

4. The development prospect of pharmaceutical packaging bottle is broad.

according to relevant statistics, the annual output value of pharmaceutical packaging in China is about 15billion yuan, which has become an important branch in the field of packaging in China. With the reform of China's medical system and the increase of the types of drugs, the packaging of drugs has developed from paper bags, plastic bags and glass bottles to polyethylene bottles, polypropylene bottles, polyester bottles, aluminum-plastic packaging and strip packaging, thus reversing the backward situation of China's drug packaging

information source: China's industrial economy information

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